Where to Sail Now: The Mediterranean

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Where to Sail?  The Mediterranean


With a storied history and a rich culture, the “Med” is a dream destination for many sailors.  The ports are endless from Greece to Turkey to Mallorca to…well you get it.  ASA has sailing schools in Greece and in the Adriatic as well as schools that sponsor flotillas in the region.  Depending on your personal tastes you can bareboat or you can meet new friends in a group of boats.

How To Get There:

(Some COVID-related restrictions are still in place so it is best to reach out directly to the destination you intend on visiting. While restrictions are lifting in the US, Europe has and will continue to have different COVID-19 regulations.)

Flights to Greece and Croatia have resumed with restrictions from major US destinations.  Italy has also begun to open its borders to international travel.  Proof of a Covid-19 vaccination may be required.

You will need an IPC if you decide to bareboat charter.  IPC FAQ


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