Sailing in Winter

5 Ways to Keep (sort of) Sailing During the Winter!

As the mercury lays low and (for some) the landscapes turn white, the reality of sailing is simply over. But we mustn’t let these natural obstacles completely keep us from what we hold dear! There are ways to keep certain aspects of sailing happening right throughout the year. Here’s our list of 5 ways to keep sailing through the offseason. It’s not exactly sailing but these ideas will make your sailing all the better when the spring comes to thaw.

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VOR Southern Ocean

The Southern Ocean Shows No Mercy

We really enjoy following the Volvo Ocean Race and this year’s race has been phenomenal. In the past it’s always been a flurry of media coverage at the starts/finishes with the occasional live interview via satellite phone during the race. They’ve had the live trackers for a long time and they’ve had onboard cameras for quite a while but the coverage of the 2017-18 edition race is nothing short of jaw dropping. With a daily live show including analysis and interviews, and frequent video updates from the boats posted on social media you can watch everything as it happens. And with each boat having the ability to capture aerial footage using a drone (even while sailing at 20+ knots) the quality of coverage is unbelievable.

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Hands Across The Sea Sweepstakes - Thank You

Meet the Sweepstakes Winners!

First, thank you to everyone who entered/donated in the 2017 American Sailing Association / Hands Across the Sea Caribbean Getaway Sweepstakes which was held during the month of October. Over 670 ASA members turned out, donating over $44,464 to help Hands Across the Sea restore over 50 damaged school libraries and provide much-needed books and literacy resources to children on the island of Dominica, which suffered a direct hit by a Category 5 hurricane in September. Horizon Yacht Charters and Elite Island Resorts donated some awesome prizes (see below). A big thank-you to everyone who stepped up and participated in the Sweepstakes!

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Zero Sailing Knowledge

Zero Sailing Knowledge is Unacceptable

Recently, a news story came down the wire that involved an elderly couple who were embarking on what they projected would be a four-year circumnavigation. Four hundred miles off the coast of Barbados, and more than 2,500 miles into their voyage  Stan Dabrowny, 74, slipped and fell from the boat. His wife Elizabeth, 69, saw him fall and quickly threw some life rings to him. But here’s the bad news. Mrs. Dabrowny, like many “first mates” had zero sailing knowledge and wasn’t able to manage the boat in any way after the accident. Apparently the steering system was intentionally locked and she had no idea how to unlock it, so the boat sailed away from Mr. Dabrowny.
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History of Yachting

History of the Yacht (Part 1)

When does a boat become a yacht? One answer has always been, you can tell a yacht when you see one. But, It really has nothing to do with size of the boat, weight of the boat, its style, sleeping quarters, heads, tillers, or a wheel. A yacht is a boat that was designed for the express pleasure of its owner.

The yacht is an invention of the 14th century Dutch. The Dutch used small, fast boats for chasing smugglers, pirates and criminals. Rich ship owners and merchants began using these small “jaghts” to sail out to celebrate their returning merchant ships. It quickly became chic to use these “jaghts” to take friends out just for pleasure.

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Your First Charter - Catamaran or Monohull

Your First Charter – Catamaran or Monohull

It’s a fair question… We’ve seen quite a few monohull purists research the ins and outs of a potential bareboat charter trip on a catamaran and say, “Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be bad to split the cost with three other couples and still have our own private stateroom with a queen- sized bed and a flat screen TV.

More and more would-be charterers are running the numbers of that equation and finding that: while a cruising catamaran isn’t what they might choose to own, they cannot argue with its comfort and roominess for a vacation with friends and family. You love Marvin, but God knows, he can rattle the barbecue lid with his snoring – not a problem. Marvin and his wife will be stowed away nicely in a pretty soundproof stateroom. Big cats can also make a pretty fast passage, get into shallow water, and be extremely comfortable once the hook is dug into the sand.

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