First Day of Sailing School

Join Lauren on her adventure as she embarks on a journey to learn to sail. Follow her as she gets her feet wet as a beginner, gains experience, and earns her ASA certifications. The ultimate goal is to complete ASA 104 and go bareboat chartering somewhere exotic.

ASA 101.2 – Day One of Sailing School

Last night I spent perhaps more time than necessary eyeballing a huge pile of clothes and items on my floor, trying to decide what exactly I should bring with me and what I need to bring with me. The email said: “Being a smart sailor means bringing clothing for any type of weather.” Bathing suit, parka, umbrella… check, check, and check! I probably don’t need the flashlight, phone charger, or pocket knife… Okay maybe I am overthinking this a bit.

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Summer Sailstice

Summer Sailstice – Let’s All Go Sailing Together on June 23rd.

Every year the Summer Sailstice gets a bit more popular and a lot more fun. For the uninitiated this event… well, it’s not really an event, it’s a weekend designated for doing sailing related things, wherever you happen to be. On the weekend of June 23 and 24 many sailing schools, yacht clubs, sailing organizations and all kinds of other small groups who love sailing will be either organizing a Summer Sailstice event or participating in one.

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Ken Brown and ASA in China

Meet Ken Brown, ASA’s Man in China

Ken BrownPlease meet Ken Brown of Saint Petersburg, Florida. He is ASA’s man in China. The first thing I have to tell you about Ken is that he holds nearly every 200-level certification that ASA offers, including ones that I did not know existed like the 2000-level powerboat certifications. This means that Ken is also an ASA IE Instructor Evaluator and ASA FE Facility Evaluator. In total, he has two dozen ASA certifications. When taking into account that 200/2000-level instructors implicitly also hold their 100/1000-level counterparts, Ken’s total ASA certification count jumps over forty. Ken is also a 500-Ton USCG Master Any Waters and a 3000-Ton International.

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