Famous Sailors Isler and Dickson Battle for Record in ASA’s Sailing Challenge Game

On the heels of our announcement that America’s Cup veteran and legendary sailor Peter Isler has set a time record on ASA’s Sailing Challenge phone game, now another heavy-weight sailor has got in the mix and beat Isler’s time! Scott Dickson, match-racing champion, has hit the virtual racetrack and found a groove.

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Peter Isler, Sailing Challenge App

Peter Isler, America’s Cup Sailor, Sets New Record

We’re happy to announce that ASA’s latest venture, the Sailing Challenge, an interactive mobile game that simultaneously drills learning concepts and entertains, is becoming quite popular! Over ten-thousand apps have been downloaded, and an update with new and improved features will soon be on the way. Download Now ⟩⟩

One of the elements that has users coming back for more is the compulsion to post a faster score on the timed-sail part of the app. After going through the many drill modules, it’s nice to just take a virtual sail and hone the skill-set. Waiting on a line at the post office was never so fun!

And don’t think Sailing Challenge is just for newbs and novices, the current record holder for time around the course is none other than five-time America’s Cup sailor Peter Isler. If it has to do with sailing Peter will master it, including this mobile game.

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Columbia 50

Cruising Boat Spotlight: The Columbia 50

In our new series of great cruising boats we begin with a crowd favorite – the Columbia 50. With its bubble top, long graceful lines and inherent speed, the Columbia 50 is a beloved classic.

Designed by Bill Tripp, the Columbia 50 was sexy, fast and fun when it came off the line in 1965. Fiberglass boat building was still relatively new, but Tripp was ahead of the curve as he had been designing fiberglass boats since the late 50s. In 1966 the lean racer/cruiser won the legendary Newport to Ensenada race in California, which, at that time, was over 500 boats. The boat was built predominantly by Columbia Yachts in California and was the largest fiberglass production boat of its day.

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Hands Across The Sea

Hands Across The Sea Ship 37,000 Books

We just received this note from Hands Across the Sea’s Co-Founders, Harriet and Tom Linskey: After 14 very busy days in the warehouse of Harte-Hanks, a fabulously philanthropic Hands Logistic Angel, the Hands team, with the help of some enthusiastic cruising sailors, has wrapped up the 2016-2017 Hands Wish Lists shipment… 625 boxes of new amazing books, plus metal bookshelves, are now on their way to 117 pre-schools, special education schools, primary schools, and secondary schools in the Eastern Caribbean.

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Cruising Quiz 2

Cruising Quiz

There’s still some time to do some cruising folks! September and October are often great times to make that mini voyage – less crowds, still nice weather and a certain peace and tranquility that only autumn sailing can bring. Here’s a little quiz taken from ASA’s 104 text, Bareboat Cruising Made Easy, to test your knowledge before you next untie those dock lines. Enjoy!

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Featured School : Canary Sail

Canary Sail was formed in late 2003 with the purchase of two small yachts and the base chosen was the beautiful Canary Island of La Gomera, marina San Sebastian just an hour ferry run from Tenerife. Although off the beaten track, this location is a great spot for a sailing school. It’s the second smallest of the seven main islands of the Canaries in this beautiful Spanish paradise off the coast of Africa. Also, as a bonus it’s a place of great historical interest – it was from here that Christopher Columbus set sail for the new world!

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Southern California Boat Show

Premiering September 22nd-25th, the Southern California In-Water Boat Show is making a big splash at Cabrillo Way Marina in the heart of Los Angeles Harbor. Come aboard and compare a large selection of new boats, as well as some of the finest brokerage vessels on the Pacific Coast. Whether you’re a buyer, a seller or just evaluating the market, this is the premier boat show for a side-by-side comparison.

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