Your First Charter - Catamaran or Monohull

Your First Charter – Catamaran or Monohull

It’s a fair question… We’ve seen quite a few monohull purists research the ins and outs of a potential bareboat charter trip on a catamaran and say, “Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be bad to split the cost with three other couples and still have our own private stateroom with a queen- sized bed and a flat screen TV.

More and more would-be charterers are running the numbers of that equation and finding that: while a cruising catamaran isn’t what they might choose to own, they cannot argue with its comfort and roominess for a vacation with friends and family. You love Marvin, but God knows, he can rattle the barbecue lid with his snoring – not a problem. Marvin and his wife will be stowed away nicely in a pretty soundproof stateroom. Big cats can also make a pretty fast passage, get into shallow water, and be extremely comfortable once the hook is dug into the sand.

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150,000 Facebook Fans

American Sailing Association Reaches 150,000 Facebook “Followers”

American Sailing Association Reaches 150,000 Facebook Followers

LOS ANGELES – December 6, 2017 – The American Sailing Association (ASA), America’s sail education authority, is proud to announce that it attained a significant digital milestone in November: 150,000 “Facebook followers”. Since the end of 2015, ASA has tripled its Facebook fan base by posting subject material that makes a direct connection with its followers’ interests. With 150,000 “page likes”, ASA is now one of the top three sailing-related pages on all of Facebook in terms of followers.

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Interview with Scott Elles, Clipper Round the World Race Crew Member (Part 1)

ASA caught up with Clipper Round the World Racer and ASA certified sailor Scott Elles about his adventures on the open seas. Elles is doing at least three legs of the eight-leg race that spans the globe. The Clipper Round the World Race gives normal everyday people the opportunity, for a price, to experience sailing around the planet on 70-foot race boats. Elles got the sailing bug at age 50 and got certified to ASA 101,103, 104, 114. A year after learning to sail he signed up for the Clipper race.

Elles is currently out at sea on Team Garmin, on leg 4, a challenging 4,693 nautical mile journey around the continent of Australia – Follow The Race ⟩⟩

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Local Notice To Mariners - A Quick Overview

Talking About the Local Notice to Mariners

Ah, the Local Notice to Mariners… Most of us know about it, but many of us don’t really check it out and still others have never even heard of it. For the latter group, the Local Notice to Mariners is a document that gets regularly published by the U.S. Coast Guard (weekly), letting us know about stuff that gets changed on the charts (“discrepancies”), advanced notice of things that are going to be coming down the pike and it also brings us up to speed on situations that are happening in our local waters.

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ASA Assists Hurricane-Ravaged Affiliates

Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria. These six North Atlantic Ocean hurricanes formed within 31 days in August and September of 2017. After a comparatively quiescent decade of Atlantic hurricane activity, nature returned in vengeance with some of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded that have caused a diluvial disaster, a mass migration, and an ongoing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

Some of the hardest hit areas are among the most popular sailing destinations in the world. Some ASA affiliates were entirely destroyed. To assist the recovery effort, the American Sailing Association has built a charity fund that has raised almost $30,000 for affiliates in need of resources for recovery – see Financial grants, boxes of textbooks, logbooks, certification materials, and other forms of support have already been distributed to several schools within the region. Sometimes, however, delivery of these resources has been a problem due to the loss of infrastructure.

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Lin Pardey / Seraffyn

Interview with Legendary Cruising Sailor Lin Pardey (Part 2 of 2)

If you have ever done any serious cruising or thought about doing some, Lin and Larry Pardey have probably popped up on your radar. Through the decades they have logged over 200,000 nautical miles, including two circumnavigations east to west and west to east, mostly on boats under 30-feet. Along the way they have written dozens of magazine articles, 11 books and produced five informational videos. They have won a variety of awards and still hold the record for the smallest boat to have circumnavigated contrary to the prevailing winds around all the great southern capes.

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Docking Made Easy Video - Downwind Approach Under Sail

Docking Under Sail, The Downwind Approach

A good sailor must know how to dock his/her boat in all types of conditions. Although docking under sail in a downwind scenario isn’t desirable and should be avoided, there are situations that mandate such a skill. In Docking Made Easy – Downwind Under Sail, the basics of handling such a circumstance are examined. Learn the correct steps and methods to adhere to as you steer the boat into a downwind slip.

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Winds and Currents - Carl Huber

No Ordinary Round the World Voyage

Not everyone gets to experience a full dose of inspiration quite like Carl Huber who will soon be sailing around the world alone, non-stop and unassisted in the Golden Globe Ocean Race in July 2018. The soft-spoken father of five was nearly fifty when he learned to sail but interestingly and unlike most, he was inspired to sail even before he ever stepped on a sailboat. He knew, almost instinctively, sailing was his calling. “I had been wanting to sail for a long time and had been talking about sailing on and off since my late teens. Then, in my early forties I had been talking about it some more.” Huber said. “The time
was going by pretty quickly. I hadn’t done a lot of things I thought I would do by that age.

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