Cruising Quiz 2

Cruising Quiz

There’s still some time to do some cruising folks! September and October are often great times to make that mini voyage – less crowds, still nice weather and a certain peace and tranquility that only autumn sailing can bring. Here’s a little quiz taken from ASA’s 104 text, Bareboat Cruising Made Easy, to test your knowledge before you next untie those dock lines. Enjoy!

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Featured School : Canary Sail

Canary Sail was formed in late 2003 with the purchase of two small yachts and the base chosen was the beautiful Canary Island of La Gomera, marina San Sebastian just an hour ferry run from Tenerife. Although off the beaten track, this location is a great spot for a sailing school. It’s the second smallest of the seven main islands of the Canaries in this beautiful Spanish paradise off the coast of Africa. Also, as a bonus it’s a place of great historical interest – it was from here that Christopher Columbus set sail for the new world!

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Southern California Boat Show

Premiering September 22nd-25th, the Southern California In-Water Boat Show is making a big splash at Cabrillo Way Marina in the heart of Los Angeles Harbor. Come aboard and compare a large selection of new boats, as well as some of the finest brokerage vessels on the Pacific Coast. Whether you’re a buyer, a seller or just evaluating the market, this is the premier boat show for a side-by-side comparison.

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Historic Skippers

Top 5 Historic Skippers of All Time

We understand that these chosen Captains are from European descent and because of their known history we can construct such a list. There were many other unknown historic skippers that forged paths for these more famous sailors but we’re just having a bit of fun here so roll with it… No doubt the historians in the house will have some interesting additions.

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Splicing Modern Ropes

Book Review : Splicing Modern Ropes

Splicing Modern Ropes : A Practical Handbook by Jan-Willem Polman

As the sub-title suggests this is a very practical handbook on splicing ropes, all kinds of ropes. But that’s not all it covers. The book starts with a very good description of the new synthetic fibers and what differentiates them. Breaking loads and safe working loads are discussed, as well as, stretch and creep in the various materials.

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David Whidden, Outstanding Instructor

A Sailor’s Life

Growing up in St. Petersburg Florida David Whidden was surrounded by boats and lived his life on the water and at the beach. He said that, as a kid, sailing held a particular mysterious romantic quality and from that, a lifelong bond was formed.

Whidden became a USCG 100 Ton Master of Sail working both as charter and delivery captain and thus, has sailed all over the planet. He’s cruised the waters of Fiji, Seychelles, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Central and South America – to name just a few. At 20 he sailed a traditional Belizian mahogony dugout over 100 miles along the Barrier reef and out to the atolls and back.

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Olympic Sailing In Rio 2016

Olympic Sailing in Rio 2016

There are two competitions in the sport of sailing where the general public actually takes a bit of notice. One is the age-old America’s Cup and the other is the Olympic games that begin tomorrow. Right now Rio is alive and buzzing as the opening ceremonies for the biggest sporting event in the world are about to be unveiled. And this time next week (the 8th through the 19th) sailors from all around the globe will collect in Marina da Glória and duke it out for shiny medals, podium positions and the chance to fulfill life-long dreams.

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Sailing Challenge App iPhone

Sailing Challenge Now Available in the Apple Store and Google Play

Sailing Challenge Now Available in the Apple Store and Google Play
American Sailing Association Taps Atari Founder to Develop Exciting and Instructive Sailing Game

LOS ANGELES – July 25, 2016 – The American Sailing Association (ASA), America’s sail education authority, continues to establish the leading edge in sailing education with a cutting-edge, new mobile gaming app called Sailing Challenge. Originally designed as a teaching aid for ASA instructors to help illustrate the principles of sailing in a rich interactive and entertaining format, the app has quickly turned into a fun game to play regardless of the user’s level of sailing experience.

The American Sailing Association has been responsible for almost one million ‘aha moments’ on the water,” said Lenny Shabes, ASA’s Chairman of the Board. “We now hope to introduce another million people to that ‘aha moment’, this time aboard their personal mobile devices.

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