Crystal Lagoon, Comino, Malta

Malta – Sailing Through Thousands of Years of History

So many people ask “just where is Malta?” and you just might be asking yourself the same thing. Well, get ready to jump in feet first into a country that is spectacularly beautiful and historically fascinating. Malta awaits the adventurous sailor who is willing to make the journey thousands of miles to the dead center of the Mediterranean ocean. The archipelago of Malta lies only a few hundred miles off the coasts of Tunisia and Libya and just 68 nautical miles south of Sicily.

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ASA in China

ASA In China

The recent growth of ASA in China has created the need for us to examine every aspect of how sailing education is conducted in the 21st century. We are learning how to serve a market that has emerging business and personal cultures, different language and symbolism, large time zone shifts, financial bureaucracy, and unpredictable shipping of books and certification materials. In doing this, we are realizing that changes need to be made, and that many of these changes will be for the better for all of ASA: Affiliates, Instructors and Students.

There are signs that ASA is becoming more and more of an international standard. There is awareness that the ASA provides a “Professional Sailing School in a Box”. The US blueprint for establishing and certifying a sailing school, creating and obtaining certified Instructors, and defining Student courses and certifications, yet operating as an independent business with a unique market plan and vision is very adaptable to the international market. Although we have been growing in Europe and Latin countries, the recent main international growth spurt has been in China.

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7 Ways to Sail Greener and Protect Your Local Waters!

7 Ways to Sail Greener and Protect Your Local Waters!

Sailing is an amazing sport, powered by wind and so close to the water – it’s impossible not to feel connected to nature – and that’s why we love it! This wonderful feeling comes in sharp contrast to the fact that whether you sail on a lake, river, bay or the open ocean, your waters are not as healthy as they could be. But the good news is you can make a difference and we are here to let you know how.

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Louis Vuitton America's Cup Challenger Playoffs Finals

Learning Lessons From the America’s Cup

Ok then – the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers & Challenger Playoffs are over but the big dance is about to begin! This weekend, once again, the New Zealand team will challenge the American team (are there any Americans on that boat?) for the honor of holding up the oldest trophy in sports history. It should be a fun batch of races, but what have we learned so far by watching the absolute premier event the sailing world has to offer?

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Small Boat Spotlight - Hobie 16

Small Boat Spotlight : The Everlasting Hobie 16

When you stop and think about what types of boats are most responsible for luring people into the wonderful world of sailing the Hobie 16 has got to be in the top three on the list. For children of the 1970s and 80s this sexy little catamaran seemed to be sitting on a trailer in every other backyard.

What most simply call the Hobie 16 is an iconic sailboat that is considered by many to be the most popular catamaran in the world. In the beginning, the H16 was marketed as more than some ordinary sailboat that could be easily trailered, rigged and beached. Instead Hobie Alter put forth the idea that to sail this boat was to be part of a lifestyle – the “Hobie way of life.” Instead of making the pitch that it was a fast fun little boat that could make your summer a little brighter, Alter suggested that sailing a Hobiecat was a reflection of an energized youth with a dash of good-natured rebellion. Continue reading

San Juan Flotilla 2016 - Sailboat at Anchor, Mt Baker, Sunset

ASA Gulf & San Juan Islands Flotilla

This is the ninth year in a row that ASA has sponsored a flotilla in the Pacific Northwest, and these cruises have become very popular. We had 12 boats and 46 sailors on this flotilla, which was completely booked up 6 months in advance. Fully half our skippers were veterans of previous ASA Pacific Northwest flotillas. The boats are provided by San Juan Sailing who hosted this event. SJS is one of the top-rated charter companies in the world, and has provided us with superb boats and great service over the last nine years. Private boats can also join the flotilla.

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