Where to Sail Now: The Mediterranean

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Where to Sail?  The Mediterranean Overview With a storied history and a rich culture, the “Med” is a dream destination for many sailors.  The ports are endless from Greece to Turkey to Mallorca to…well you get it.  ASA has sailing schools in Greece and in the Adriatic as well as schools that sponsor flotillas in the region.  Depending on your personal tastes you can bareboat or you can meet new friends in a group of boats. How To Get There: (Some COVID-related restrictions are still in place so it is best to reach out directly to the destination you intend …

Endless Summer

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Where Sailing Season Never Ends The Summer sailing season is not over! Just because summer has ended does not automatically mean that the sailing season has ended. In fact, an argument can be made that you have been sailing all summer just to be able to do some serious sailing in the dead of winter. Take a look at these five locations where it is always summer and the sailing season is year-round.

Six Beach Bars You Should Visit While Cruising The Caribbean

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Once the anchor is set and the boat is secure there is nothing like the sound of the dinghy getting prepared for the quick trip to the beach bar. You know what I’m talking about, the little grass shack on that picture postcard beach where the drinks flow as easily as the sailing stories do. What do you seek out in a beach bar? Do you need food and drink, do you need cocktails and a view or do you just need a bartender that loves to talk? Check out a few of our favorite Beach Bars in the Caribbean

Chartering in Europe?

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One of the coolest things about sailing is the access it provides to some of the most amazing places the planet has to offer. Although plenty of these places are right here in the United States, many of us crave destinations far far away, and making that possible is a big part of what the American Sailing Association is all about. Chartering overseas is on the bucket list of many a sailor, but making it happen comes with a stipulation or two. A sizable number of countries require an International Proficiency Certificate that lets them know the charterer is trained, …

Sailing in Greece With Fair Winds Sailing

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In case you didn’t know, it is common knowledge that the best way to see Greece is by boat. By sailboat to be exact. Sailing the waters off the coast of Greece as well as visiting this archipelago on your own schedule, dictated only by wind and your need for picturesque anchorages, is a sailor’s dream. The allure of the Mediterranean for a sun-splashed vacation filled with fresh seafood and crisp white wine should have a sailing component and one of ASA’s newest instructors, Dimitris Bampkos of Fair Winds Sailing Greece, is ready to show it you.

Where To Sail in 2021

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Once It’s Safe To Travel, Where You Should Go I’m going big.  I am going to compile my bucket list of sailing destinations and start checking them off. If we have learned anything during this pandemic it is to stop putting things off. The time is now to make plans for the immediate future. What have we been waiting for? By the end of the COVID-19 crisis we will all have been sailing in circles for a year so naturally, we will be in dire need of an escape. We will need a destination to look forward to.   When the …

Ports We Love: Lahaina, Maui

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We left the dock in Lahaina and instantly we were on one of the most exhilarating sails we had ever embarked upon. Set on a beam reach cutting across the channel between Maui and Molokai the spray from the ocean descended from all angles. The 18-knot wind seized our thoughts as the bow plunged into swell after swell of pure sailing bliss mixed in with drenched adrenaline. This is sailing in Hawaii. The channels between islands can be brutal while at the same time invigorating. Hawaii is not all hula girls and mai tais, but in some cosmic way, it …