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American Sailing Association in 2018: The Year in Review

Our commitment is to be a voice for the sailing community and a role player in the global arena when it comes to environmental stewardship and awareness. At the American Sailing Association, the goal was and is to share the love of sailing with as many people as possible while being a steward for the lifestyle in our community. 2018 saw the implementation of an ASA directive to increase its reach not just within the sailing world but on a global scale. As sailors and as members of the worldwide community ASA understands its place and its responsibility to the … Continue reading American Sailing Association in 2018: The Year in Review

Six Beach Bars You Should Visit While Cruising The Caribbean

Once the anchor is set and the boat is secure there is nothing like the sound of the dinghy getting prepared for the quick trip to the beach bar. You know what I’m talking about, the little grass shack on that picture postcard beach where the boat drinks flow as easily as the sailing stories do. What do you seek out in a beach bar? Do you need food and drink, do you need cocktails and a view or do you just need a bartender that loves to talk? Check out a few of our favorite Beach Bars in the … Continue reading Six Beach Bars You Should Visit While Cruising The Caribbean

Chartering in Europe?

One of the coolest things about sailing is the access it provides to some of the most amazing places the planet has to offer. Although plenty of these places are right here in the United States, many of us crave destinations far far away, and making that possible is a big part of what the American Sailing Association is all about. Chartering overseas is on the bucket list of many a sailor, but making it happen comes with a stipulation or two. A sizable number of countries require an International Proficiency Certificate that lets them know the charterer is trained, … Continue reading Chartering in Europe?

Ports We Love: Lahaina, Maui

We left the dock in Lahaina and instantly we were on one of the most exhilarating sails we had ever embarked upon. Set on a beam reach cutting across the channel between Maui and Molokai the spray from the ocean descended from all angles. The 18-knot wind seized our thoughts as the bow plunged into swell after swell of pure sailing bliss mixed in with drenched adrenaline. This is sailing in Hawaii. The channels between islands can be brutal while at the same time invigorating. Hawaii is not all hula girls and mai tais, but in some cosmic way, it … Continue reading Ports We Love: Lahaina, Maui

7 Exotic Locations To Learn To Sail

It would seem that a sailor is always seeking the exotic in an adventure. While sailing can be the entire focus of a vacation, often learning to sail or brushing up on your sailing skills is just a fraction of your vacation time and budget. The ocean calls you and as much as you would want to spend so much time with every ripple on the sea sometimes your vacation time must be shared with those who want a bit more from their time off than just sailboats and salty hair. Just because you are accommodating your travel companions does … Continue reading 7 Exotic Locations To Learn To Sail

What Do Those Sailor’s Tattoos Mean Quiz

Sailors can be a bit superstitious and they all are part of a special group of people who spend a lot of time on the water. There is a sense of symbolism that comes from that and it is represented in tattoos that sailors wear on their bodies. Can you guess what they mean? You have seen the ink but what do those tattoos mean? Take this quiz and you’ll find out if you have earned the right to get a tattoo.

Sailing and The Responsibility of the Sailor to the Environment

As ASA does its job of being an advocate for the world’s oceans we asked our resident Marine Conservationist Lauren Coiro about how sailors can make an impact on the environment that they take so much from, the Ocean. Her advice sheds light on the bigger picture of environmental sustainability as well as the simple fact that each and every one of us can make a difference.