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How To Sail a Boat

There is a cloak of mystery that surrounds sailing. You might be on a picturesque beach and you see a sailboat off in the distance or you might be in a marina and you notice how the wind gently moves a schooner across the water. It makes you wonder, How To Sail A Boat? Sailing a boat is part art and part skill but few activities offer such a variety of pleasures as sailing. Something special occurs when you cast off the lines and leave your cares at the dock. While technology dictates so much of our lives these days, … Continue reading How To Sail a Boat

ASA Featured Instructor: Greg Martin of Sail Hawaii

Greg Martin is the owner and head instructor of Sail Hawaii. Captain Greg has been sailing since he was a kid growing up in San Diego and he further refined his sailing skills at the US Naval Academy. After the Navy, he became a middle school math and science teacher in Okinawa and it was only natural that his passion for sailing and teaching would come together when he first started teaching ASA courses in Japan with Yoh Aoki. In 2013 Captain Greg bought his Pearson Alberg 35 “Gemini” in California, intending to sail back to Japan, but stopped in … Continue reading ASA Featured Instructor: Greg Martin of Sail Hawaii

Filmmaker Soraya Simi Talks To ASA About Where The Water Takes Us

Soraya Simi is an ocean-minded filmmaker, sailor, and environmentalist. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, she spent her days exploring the desert, fostering her love for the outdoors from an early age. Now in her final semester at USC’s film school in Los Angeles, Soraya has combined her passion for storytelling with her desire to be close to the ocean, bringing awareness to and protecting the environment through film. Simi is currently finishing up a documentary titled, Where The Water Takes Us, that follows a group of college students on a sailing journey in the Caribbean. Where the Water Takes … Continue reading Filmmaker Soraya Simi Talks To ASA About Where The Water Takes Us

Learning To Sail: A Navy Son and His Army Veteran Father

Learning To Sail With Veteran Sailing Association in Tavernier, Florida The ASA Veterans Sailing Education Program is in its third month of operation and several stories about the program have arrived at ASA from veterans and ASA Affiliates.   US Navy man Galen Gambino and his Army veteran father, Robert Gambino, both of Atlanta, GA, flew into Miami International, rented a car and drove down to Veteran Sailing Association, an ASA Affiliate in Tavernier, FL, to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s with the owner, former Navy SEAL and ASA Certified Instructor, Captain Joseph “CJ” Mastrangelo. “CJ” offers a … Continue reading Learning To Sail: A Navy Son and His Army Veteran Father

ASA Featured Instructor: Kim Walther of St. Augustine Sailing

Kim Walther is a sailing instructor at St. Augustine Sailing in Northeast Florida. Her passion for the ocean and sailing comes through in her writing on her lifestyle blog Deep Water Happy where she shares tips on everything from sailing to travel to healthy living. She has a self-proclaimed obsession with the outdoors and has sailed the east coast from Maine to the Caribbean. If she is not racing with the St. Augustine Yacht Club, she is teaching ASA sailing courses or she is diving, or running, or cycling. In other words, you can’t stop her.

Sailing In San Diego

5 Reasons To Sail In San Diego

You want to learn to sail so why not pick a convenient destination to take your sailing courses? San Diego is the ideal location to visit because you can mix in your ocean adventures with some sightseeing and some cultural sites. Throw in a visit to a wild animal park and sample some craft beers and you can easily see why a sailing vacation in Southern California’s other beach city is the spot to choose to work on your sailing education.