New Sailor Resources

New Sailor Resources

New Sailor Resources

Free Online Sailing Course - Your First Sail

The American Sailing Association has many great online resources to help you on your journey to learn how to sail. Start with our FREE Online Sailing Course and learn how a sailboat works, the common commands used to steer one and some basic sailing terminology. Watch ASA’s Sailing Made Easy and Knots Made Easy videos that teach you some of the finer point of sailing such as heaving-to, sail trim, docking, and how to tie some knots commonly found on a sailboat. By using our online resources you’ll be sure to get the most out of your time on the water during your first sailing lesson at an ASA Certified Sailing School.

  • Sailing Made Easy

    Instructional Videos

    Sailing Made Easy Videos

    Join Duncan Hood, an ASA Certified Instructor, in this collection of sailing video tips by the American Sailing Association. Learn how to trim sails, heave-to, use winches, return to the dock, and more…

  • Knots Made Easy

    Instructional Videos

    Knots Made Easy

    A collection of videos illustrating how to tie knots commonly used when sailing. The videos show how the knots are tied as well as talk about scenarios where each knot is useful on board a sailboat.

  • Docking Made Easy

    Instructional Videos

    Docking Made Easy

    Cruising World presents “Docking Made Easy” an ASA educational video in association with Beneteau America. In a perfect world the wind will be blowing parallel to the dock…

  • The ASA Log Book

    Your Sailing Passport

    ASA Logbook

    The official certification Log Book contains all the standards for the various course levels and is the obligatory record of proof for certification.

  • Get ASA Certified

    The Importance Of Certification

    ASA Certified

    ASA Sailing Certification gives you the knowledge and experience to be confident and safe on all your sailing adventures.

  • ASA Textbooks

    Official Study Guides

    ASA Textbooks

    These textbooks are published by the American Sailing Association and are designed to fully support the corresponding certifications.