Where to Sail Now: The Mediterranean

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Where to Sail?  The Mediterranean Overview With a storied history and a rich culture, the “Med” is a dream destination for many sailors.  The ports are endless from Greece to Turkey to Mallorca to…well you get it.  ASA has sailing schools in Greece and in the Adriatic as well as schools that sponsor flotillas in the region.  Depending on your personal tastes you can bareboat or you can meet new friends in a group of boats. How To Get There: (Some COVID-related restrictions are still in place so it is best to reach out directly to the destination you intend …

Three Essential Sailing Knots

How to Tie 3 Important Sailing Knots

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There are as many sailing knots as there are stars in the night sky — or so it seems. But the reality is that most sailors can get along with only knowing a few, as long as they’re the right ones. In this blog I’ll single out three very important sailing knots, explaining what they’re used for and how to tie them. Don’t forget, it’s necessary to practice these in order to get them down. Your fingers need the tactile learning experience in order to develop muscle memory that will allow you to tie them quickly when you need to! …

2020 ASA Turkey Flotilla in the Mediterranean

Is An ASA Flotilla Right For You?

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You have earned your ASA Sailing certifications, you daysail regularly and now you want to reach the next level in your sailing experience. The flotilla may be the next logical step. ASA is organizing flotillas with its ASA affiliates to encourage ASA members to participate in flotillas that give them more chances to get out on the water with other sailors and to work on their sailing skills in the company of other ASA sailors From weekend events to weeklong charters, ASA flotillas will enable more sailors to come together as a sailing community.   Why an ASA Flotilla? Flotilla sailing …

Montenegro is Calling: Last Minute Sailing Adventure

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Captain Jean De Keyser of Med Sailing Adventures is leading flotillas in the Mediterranean all summer and has just secured a few more yachts for a trip to Europe’s best-kept secret, Montenegro. Med Sailing adventures have been able to source a few yachts for the week of September 25 to October 2 for their ASA flotilla to Montenegro. They are in limited supply and, if you are looking for a great vacation in the Mediterranean this year, stop procrastinating and contact them right away so we can secure one of these scarce yachts.    Here are the details on this ASA …

ASA Flotilla in Turkey with Med Sailing Adventures and Sea Safaris Sailing School

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Capt. Jean and “Admiral” Mila De Keyser host flotillas in all of the bucket list locations and fly the ASA flag proudly. ASA Members boast about how wonderful th experience is being able to sail with a group of boats and with knowledgeable guides. The flotilla is a way for sailors to meet other people, to enjoy foreign ports with the security of having other boats around and to enhance the social aspect of sailing.  Each year, hundreds of ASA members participate in flotilla events around the globe.  Take a look at our flotilla page and join other sailors as …

Top 5 Things To Check Out While Cruising St. Martin!

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In anticipation of the upcoming flotilla sailing charter vacation in St .Martin on November 13-22 we bring you – the top five cool things about sailing in this awesome Caribbean cruising ground, known as the The Renaissance Islands. Check out the mud baths at Tintamarre Island! They’re about 100-feet inland and said to have magical regenerative properties! Pack mud all over your body, including your hair and soon enough you will have skin soft as a newborn baby. Don’t forget to wash it off before you leave though or you’ll scare the Bejesus out of the rest of the world with your …