Safety At Sea: Become a Prudent Sailor Online Class

LIVE Webinar on Tuesday January 11th & Thursday 13th, 2022

@ 4:30 PM PST/ 7:30 PM EST

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13 unlucky sailing situations you can avoid - how to prepare and prevail.


Dates: January 11th & 13th, 2022
Time: 4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST
Price: $79 ($69 for Members)

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course outline

The most important part of your sailing education is knowing what to do when things go wrong to protect yourself, your crew, and your vessel.

This 2-session course is designed to not only teach some possible actions when events go wrong at sea, but also to encourage critical thinking skills and creative solutions to possible unexpected, catastrophic events. 

One bad situation can result in a domino effect of trouble that increases exponentially. Our goal is to expose sailors to potential problems and possible solutions, encourage them to think safely and creatively, and come out more experienced and safer.

While there is no absolute “right way” to handle an emergency at sea, as they are dynamic and varied; this seminar will give you some exposure to on-the-spot possible actions and solutions.

This online course also is intended to encourage you, the sailor, to start thinking through “what if” scenarios. There’s a saying about failing to plan is planning to fail. However, if you at least have a bit of a plan and an idea of what is possible on your vessel; your successful containment or diffusion of a difficult solution is more probable.

Session 1: Boat-wide Safety Analysis, Systems Failures, and Injuries

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022
4:30 PM PST / 7:30 PM EST (90 min)
Knowing your boat thoroughly, bow to stern, systems failures, and injuries

Session 2: Engine, Sailing, and Grounding Situations plus How To Practice on Your Boat

Thursday, January 13th, 2022
4:30 PM PST / 7:30 PM EST (90 min)
Engine failures, not under command and restricted ability to maneuver situations, sailing situations, and how to safely practice.

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What’s Included:

  • Bow to Stern Abovedecks Assessments
  • Bow
      • Path to the bow
      • Obstructions abovedecks
      • Spare halyard
      • Jib
      • Anchor locker
  • Midships
      • Mast
      • Midships
      • Rigging
      • Lines
      • Procedures
  • Cockpit
      • Lines
      • Electronics
      • Gauges
      • Emergency tiller
      • Emergency bilge pump
      • Lines
      • Hatches
      • Lockers
  • Belowdecks Assessments
      • Transducer
      • Bilges
      • Bilge pump
      • Thru-hulls
      • Schematics
      • Windlass circuit breaker
      • Engine
      • Tank indicators
      • Electrical panel
      • Code of Federal Regulations items
        • PFD’s
        • Flares
        • Fire extinguishers
        • Type IV throwable
        • Sound producing device
        • Other like winch handles, flag
  • Systems Failures
      • Anchored wind and tide opposed
      • Steering fails
      • High water alarm
      • Can’t flush toilet
  • Injury Situations
      • Broken bone
      • Seasick
      • Man overboard
      • Deep cut
  • Engine Situations
      • Runaway diesel
      • Smoke-filled cabin
      • Waiting on a bridge
      • Fouled prop
  • Not Under Command / Restricted Ability to Maneuver Situations
      • Run aground
      • Engine quits, must anchor
      • Engine quits, must sail
      • Fire
  • Sailing Situations
      • Lose a jib sheet
      • Roller furling jib will not furl
      • Shroud has parted
      • Rough seas and harness
  • How to Practice on Your Boat
      • Knots
      • Raising sail
      • Anchoring
      • Reefing
      • Instruments
      • Emergency tiller
      • Fire extinguisher
      • Flares

Your Instructor

Kim Walther

Kim Walther is an instructor at St. Augustine Sailing. She holds a 100 ton near coastal (offshore) USCG captain’s license with sailing and towing addendums. She has 33 years experience teaching sailing, and is an ASA instructor of 101, 103, 104, and 105 with over 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills. She has taught over 3,000 students, and has been awarded the ASA Instructor of the Year award. She enjoys sailing classes, charters, deliveries, and races inland and offshore. She currently operates 21’6” Hunter sloops, Jeanneau 349 sloops, Jeanneau 41’ and 44’ sloops, a Lagoon 44 cat, and even a 49-passenger twin 200 hp engine pontoon boat. She credits her skill level to a variety of experience and repetition of skills.


Safety At Sea: Become a Prudent Sailor Online Class

Tuesday January 11th & Thursday 13th, 2022 
@ 4:30 PM PST/ 7:30 PM EST

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