Going Ashore Made Easy: The Essential Dinghy And Outboard Manual
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Knowing how to operate and maintain a dinghy and outboard is an essential part of seamanship. Dinghies help us get ashore, transport provisions, and travel between vessels. Going Ashore Made Easy: The Essential Dinghy And Outboard Manual is a must-have for every sailor and powerboater. Reserve your copy today and save 25% (Only $22.50 - Regularly 29.99)

American Sailing is proud to announce our latest release Going Ashore Made Easy which hits the stands September 2022. As we lay the final touches on the layout and prepare the book for print we are excited to see how it helps readers become safer, more knowledgeable dinghy operators. 

Not only are dinghies effective, but they can be a lot of fun. These small crafts can often reach areas where larger boats are unable. Crowded marinas, scenic island getaways, and ocean-side restaurants are all examples where dinghies can help you get access that would be difficult or impossible in a bigger vessel.

Here are some helpful items you will find in this book:

  • The history of little boats (dinghies and tenders)
  • Selecting a dinghy and outboard combination
  • Comparisons between outboard motors types
  • Responsibilities of a dinghy captain
  • Safety equipment you need on your dinghy
  • Operating your outboard motor
  • Quick steps for starting/stopping a gas motor by hand
  • Approach and landing
  • Steering and speed control
  • Anchoring the dinghy
  • Nighttime operation
  • Towing your dinghy
  • Recreational uses (diving, snorkeling, tubing etc.)
  • Hoisting and storing the outboard motor
  • Securing the dinghy
  • Theft prevention
  • And MUCH MORE…

Here are some common uses for dinghies:

  • Transportation ashore to collect supplies and spares
  • Shuttling crew and guests
  • Socializing with other cruisers
  • Taking soundings in anchorages
  • Setting a second anchor
  • Checking anchor security
  • Towing a disabled boat
  • Water skiing or tubing
  • Fishing

The Authors

Captains Andy Batchelor and Lisa Batchelor Frailey are both life-long sailors and retired military officers. Andy served in the Royal Air Force in aviation and intelligence, and Lisa served in the US Navy in aviation, meteorology and oceanography – a combination of skills which have proved very useful to sailing and passagemaking. They are USCG Captains, cruisers, American Sailing Instructors, analysts and business owners with a wealth of experience in the sailing industry.