The North U Tactics Seminar teaches the strategy and tactics you need to turn your speed into a podium finish. Starts, upwind, downwind, mark rounding: With top instructors and refined curriculum you’ll learn techniques to improve your game all the way around the course.

Championship Performance

Sailboat racing is a complex endeavor. Successful racing requires strategic planning, strong tactics, and a clear understanding of the rules.


Racing Strategy

You will learn the fundamentals of upwind and downwind strategy and how to predict and take advantage of changing winds and wind shifts, and also how to respond (on that rare occasion…) when you’re unsure of what the wind will do next. You’ll learn (surprising insights on) how to position yourself to take advantage of current, and critical insights on differences in wind shift strategy upwind versus downwind. In addition, you’ll learn starting strategy to get you positioned for consistently competitive starts.



The course covers tactics and positioning against groups and in one on one battles. You’ll learn critical approach, positioning, timing, and lead/ push techniques to control opponents and clear space at starts. You’ll learn tactical positioning across the fleet, and how to attack and defend in one on one battles for clear air and control both upwind and downwind. You’ll understand all the options for fast windward mark approaches, leeward mark and leeward gate tactics, and essential mark room rules.


And Rules

The seminar covers rules the way you use them (ie, upwind rules as part of upwind tactics). You’ll understand your rights and obligations for starting, for each leg of the course, and for every mark rounding.

The North U Tactics Seminar provides a framework to help make sense of the admittedly complex playing field on which we compete. We’ll help you and your team understand where to focus your attention to make the best decisions in an uncertain setting.


I Strategy, Tactics, Rules
  • Strategy: Wind, Wind Shifts, Current
  • Tactics: Other boats, Rules
II Starting
  • Starting Strategy:
  • Where to Start
  • Approaches
  • Starting Tactics:
  • Time/ Speed/ Distance
  • Positioning for speed and control
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Starting Rules
Symmetric Spinnaker Trim
  • Initial Spinnaker Trim
  • Reaching Trim
  • Running Trim
  • Light Air Performance
  • Heavy Air Control
  • Pole Height & Spinnaker Shape
III Upwind Strategy & Tactics
  • Wind and Wind Shifts
  • Current
  • Lead to the shift
  • Lead to the middle
  • Attack! Defend!
  • Windward Mark Rules and Tactics
IV Downwind Strategy & Tactics
  • Wind versus Wind Shifts
  • Current
  • Lead to the wind
  • Lead to the middle
  • Attack! Defend!
  • Leeward Mark Rules and Tactics
Conclusion: Priorities in a complex endeavor



Written by Bill Gladstone, the North U Tactics Book takes you all the way around the course. The seventh edition covers tactics, rules, weather, and strategy in 180 information-packed pages. The fast moving, easy to follow format is accessible to all readers. Rules are covered the way you use them – (ie upwind rules as part of upwind tactics). The content offers complete information for neophytes and insights which grab the attention of the saltiest dog. Quizzes and skill building sections show how to develop a race winning approach.



Andrew Kerr
A veteran North U Seminar Leader, Andrew combines outstanding teaching skills with practical real-world insights derived from his championship experience as both skipper and crew. Andrew is a winner at every level – from dinghies to small and large keelboats, round-the-buoys and over distance, in local, national, and world championships. His racing prowess combined with his easy, approachable teaching style have earned him renown as a seminar leader.


Todd Berman
Todd has been teaching sailing since 1979 where he started teaching with Bill Gladstone at the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club and has continued since with his involvement in the North U Programs. Todd Berman’s sailing experience spans boats ranging from dinghies to maxis. He has participated in six One-Design World Championships and his sailing career has led him to events in Japan, France, England, Italy, Israel, Germany and all over the United States. He has raced in events such as Kiel Week, Cowes Week, The Bermuda Race, Key West Race Week, and has participated in Block Island Race Week over thirty times.


Geoff Moore
Geoff has been a Sail Expert for North Sails since 2000. He is a Multi-Class World, North American, and National Champion. He is a Match Racing Champion and Canada’s Cup Coach. Geoff has been coaching and leading seminars for decades and has helped in the development and refinement of the North U curriculum.


Sat • April 29TH, 2023



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