ASA Sailing Schools in Taiwan

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Directory of American Sailing Association sailing schools located in Taiwan where you can take beginning to advanced sailing lessons.

School address in the Taiwan Kaohsiung Xingda Harbor with a very large area of ​​the port (estimated 1500-2000 yacht can accommodate). All year warm like spring and can sailing all year. This location near two major metropolitan area in Tainan City and Kaohsiung City, just 10 minutes away from the motorway interchange, only 15 minutes away from the high-speed rail station. Currently, we already have new 33-feet cruisers, 28-feet cruisers and two 27-feet racers, a coastal second floor of the building and the training of young successful business team. Dockside wide opened is the best locations of the maintenance. Chief … Continue reading Lohas Ocean Sailing School-Kaohsiung City

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