Sailing Movie Workshop - Chapter 6, An Unexpected Gale

Chapter 6, An Unexpected Gale

All Is Analyzed: A Sailing Movie Learning Workshop

Chapter 6, An Unexpected Gale

A severe gale strikes down upon our unfortunate sailor in chapter 6 in our All is Analyzed sailing workshop. Discussion topics of when or if to raise a storm jib, harnesses/jack lines and heavy weather preparation and management are on the conversation agenda. Watch the clip and join the discussion. Remember, what maybe obvious to you could be a great learning moment for someone not so experienced. Grab the Twizzlers and let us know what you think of this fictional sailing situation.

Watch the video clip & leave your comments below…

Please note the video intentionally has no sound – we are simply using it to depict a situation for discussion

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A solo sailor going out on deck in these conditions, even with a harness is suicide. My experience in being dragged along side a Hobiecat is that you need to slow the boat down before you can get back on board. With no one to do that on board to do that, I don’t see how he will be able to pull that off. Also, getting back on a large monohull without a ladder is not trivial in calm conditions. From earlier episodes, it looks like the boat has a roll reef jib that furls around the forestay. If I… Read more »

The boat is sailing fast. I would wait out the storm so I would try to heave to with the reefed mainsail.


He saw the Storm comming when he was up on the mast he should have set storm sail before storm hits


Okay, now this is far outside my area of understanding (I am the most beginner of beginners) but I have the feeling that all this happened because it’s a movie and they needed that last burst of drama. What was the jib doing wrong other than not being properly furled? I’m going to look up “storm jib” now and see if it’s life-risking crucial to put one on.

I can’t identify the “rookie mistakes” other than wonder why he felt compelled to go out there after all. So after all his (self inflicted?) troubles, does he drown or what?