Sailing Movie Workshop - Chapter 4, Getting Busy

Chapter 4, Getting Busy

All Is Analyzed: A Sailing Movie Learning Workshop

Chapter 4, Getting Busy

In chapter four our skipper has to take stock and start trying to cleanup after the collision. What would your priority be in this situation? Fix the hole? Pump out the water? Or try to contact someone for help?

Watch the video clip & leave your comments below…

Please note the video intentionally has no sound – we are simply using it to depict a situation for discussion

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Why use up fresh water on electronics. ? That’s allot of pumping to do.


Using fresh water will remove the salt water. Salt water is more corrosive and also when it dries it can leave a salty residue behind that will continue to corrode the electronics and/or continue to interfere with their operation.


Is the manual bilge pump really the fastest way to get water out of a boat? I would have thought a bucket would be much faster, at least while the water is still a foot or so deep. At least alternating between different methods might help with the fatigue from using the manual bilge pump…

Greg Kirk

a good manual bilge pump move a lot of water pretty quickly, and without the exertion of lifting a heavy bucket up to the companion way, and you don’t have to stand in the water to do it.

peter isler
Wow, poor guy. In general – it seems like he’s in phase now trying to do the right things – but maybe not the best way. 1) Fixing the hole – making the boat safer… probably priority number 1. He probably doesn’t have a ton of fiberglass and resin – and he should not be relying on his limited supply to provide the ‘grunt’ of filling the hole. He should be cutting up floorboards.. using larger solid pieces and then fiberglassing them into the hole.. one layer of fiberglass will do nothing if it gets rough (and I feel it… Read more »

Peter makes a great point about the ditch bag – this film calls attention to the fact that even on a cruising boat, a water proof bag stocked with a few core essentials is something that should be done…and a bucket. Dude should have a bucket.


Nice to see that he is looking after himself, eat & drinks. I just hoe he wore a PFD and an harness especially when working over the side. But he is making very good progress….. I wonder if he could patch the hole from the inside as well as outside…. There would be ore trim / wood to remove but would worth the effort.

Does pouring fresh water in shorted-out electronics revive them? I never heard of a thing like that. Also, just throwing these ideas out, but if pumping mauls up his hand so bad, could he perhaps have rigged up a block and a line so he could do it just by pulling repeatedly? Shoot, a loop in the rope and he could do it with a foot pedal sort of action if that got tiring. Whatever it takes to keep going. Finally, if it were me making that fiberglass repair, I would have started at the bottom of the hole and… Read more »