Sailing Challenge App V3

NEW! Experience Sailing Challenge like you never have before…

A cutting-edge gaming app designed as a fun learning aid to help illustrate the principles of sailing in a rich interactive and entertaining format. Ideal for those students studying for their ASA 101 certification. Or for any old salt looking for a challenge without getting wet!

  • Five Star Rating

    Great app for young & old to learn the mechanics of sailing…

    review by David Dear – Oct 10, 2017

  • Five Star Rating

    Really helps you to visualize various points of sail…

    review by PTnCT – Oct 5, 2017

  • Five Star Rating

    Very good learning tool!

    review by Von Allan – Oct 21, 2017

  • Five Star Rating

    Think I am hooked and ready to go play on the real water!

    review by whypanic88 – Oct 7, 2017

Now Available on The Big Screen!

Get ready to experience Sailing Challenge like you never have before – on the large screen of your desktop computer!
Now the Sailing Challenge App is available on more devices. Whether you want to sail on your iPhone while waiting in line at the post office, or on your Android tablet on the commuter train, or on your Windows laptop while flying somewhere exotic, or even just your iMac at home – Sailing Challenge is available for your enjoyment in all these places and more!

Sailing Challenge Devices
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What’s New in The Latest Version?

ASA’s Sailing Challenge is now even more challenging!
We’ve added lots of new features in this latest version that makes the game more fun & more realistic.
There is no question – this app will make you a better sailor!

3 New Exciting & Challenging Sailing Levels…

Night Sailing Course

Are you ready to sail at night? Follow the lighted navigation buoys into the harbor – remember “red right returning”! Then round the buoy and sail back to the same place you started!

BVI Course

Explore the tropical waters of the BVI course. Discover landmarks like the Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock & dream about your next bareboat charter!

Tacking Master Course

Tacking a sailboat is slow! Navigate around the docks and mooring fields on this course while trying to minimize the number of tacks needed to get to the finish!

Sailing Challenge V2 - New Achievement StarSailing Challenge V2 - New Achievement StarSailing Challenge V2 - New Achievement Star

Earn Achievements

Every learning module and sailing course now has 3 different levels of achievements!
Are you good enough to collect 3 stars on every single module?

Make No Mistakes

You’ve got to be perfect to earn achievements on the learning modules! No mistakes!

Answer Quickly

Don’t let the timer run out… you’ve got to get the right answer and you’ve got to get it quick!

Pick Up Stars

On the sailing courses you’re going to have to explore every nook and cranny to find the stars hidden around the course!

New Gameplay Features To Make Sailing More Fun

Tiller vs Wheel

Now you can choose to drive your boat with a tiller or a wheel! If you’re a veteran of Sailing Challenge you’re going to have fun relearning how to sail with a tiller – it’s harder than you think!

Camera Controls

Now you can change the camera angle while you’re sailing. Zoom out to see the big picture, or rotate the camera to check your tacking angles.

Challenge Your Friends

Nothing like a little something to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone! Post your fastest sailing times on social media and challenge your friends to see if they can beat your fastest time!

Improved Sailing Realism…

Better Sails

The sails have been updated to include a jib on the ASA First 22 that behaves realistically depending on the angle of the wind.

More Accurate Polars

The behavior of the boat is based on the real world polars of the ASA First 22. Maximize your efficiency by trimming your sails and see how fast the boat can go!

Realistic Boat Wake

Just like a real boat, as soon as you start to move, the boat puts out a realistic wake enhancing the sense of speed. Now all you need to do is play in front of a fan so you can feel the wind!

And All The Original Modules That You Already Love…

Sailing Challenge combines the most innovative thinking in the digital education field with ASA’s experience in teaching sailing to create a game that allows players to climb aboard, take control of the tiller in one hand and the mainsheet in the other, and sail off on a virtual sea of fun.

Points of Sail

To become a sailor you need to understand the points of sail – the orientation of the boat relative to the wind. This module first teaches you the points of sail before testing your knowledge with a fun game. If you think you’re already a master then try our challenge mode!

Apparent Wind

This module illustrates apparent wind – the combination of true wind and the wind effect of motion as felt aboard a moving sailboat. Players are able to turn the boat onto different points of sail, as well as adjust the speed of the wind, in order to see the changes in apparent wind.


Everytime the boat’s angle to the wind changes, the sail trim should change too. In this module the player learns how to trim the sail for maximum efficiency on the different points of sail.

Tacking & Jibing

To reach a destination directly upwind you have to sail a zig zag course. This module teaches the player how to tack back and forth in order to achieve that goal. The second half of the module deals with jibing.

Right of Way

The rules that apply on the high seas are the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (COLREGS). This module introduces some common scenarios encountered when sailing.


Approaching a dock under sail can be one of the most intimidating parts of learning to sail. In this module players can experience different docking scenarios and understand the principles involved so they can dock perfectly every time!

You can then put it all together by racing the clock in the Sailing module >!

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Use Your Sailing Skills & Race Against The Clock

The Sailing Challenge App includes a Sailing module with five sailing courses.

Use the skills you’ve learned in the game and navigate your way around the course in record time!

“This is not just a game, it is a brand new way to learn and retain the fundamentals of sailing.”

Lenny Shabes, ASA’s Chairman of the Board

Sailing Challenge - Marina Tour
Navigate your way into the marine before turning around and sailing back out. Look out for the rocky break walls and sandy beaches.
Marina Tour Leaderboard
Time Name
1m 42s Peter Isler
Two Time America's Cup Winner
1m 45s Layne Zuelke
Captain SV Gambit
1m 46s Scotty Dickson
Match Racing Champion
1m 48s Nik Vale
ASA Webmaster
1m 52s Robert Spieler
Armchair Sailor Extrordinaire
1m 56s Jim Martin
Ocean Serf

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The Story Behind The Sailing Challenge App

For help creating the Sailing Challenge App, ASA turned to longtime sailing enthusiast, visionary and founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell worked with ASA to develop this breakthrough educational video sailing game, using a teaching technique Bushnell refers to as “gamefication”. He says, “ASA’s Sailing Challenge combines video gaming technology and educational software, incorporating real brain science in a way that will fundamentally change how people learn how to sail.

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