The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup

About The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup develops technologies to extract, prevent, and intercept plastic pollution. The Ocean Cleanup’s goal is to fuel the world’s fight against oceanic plastic pollution by initiating the largest cleanup in history.

Boyan Slat - The Ocean Cleanup

“Taking care of the world’s ocean garbage problem is one of the largest environmental challenges mankind faces today.”

Boyan Slat, CEO & Founder of The Ocean Cleanup

Founded by Dutchman Boyan Slat, before he turned 20, The Ocean Cleanup successfully completed a record breaking crowd funding campaign in 2014. They raised over US$ 2 million of funds which they’ve been using to carry out research expeditions, such as the Mega Expedition, as well as develop technology that will be used to clean the oceans of plastic. The world’s first system to passively clean up plastic pollution from the world’s oceans is to be deployed in 2016.

The ocean is critical to ASA and it’s conservation is of great importance. As sailors, many of us have seen this plastic pollution first hand – whether it’s a plastic bottle floating in a lake or a mylar balloon out there in the ocean. This is a problem that is only going to get worse and The Ocean Cleanup have found the cure.

To ensure The Ocean Cleanup is successful ASA is helping raise awareness and support their efforts as much as possible. ASA provided media coverage of their most recent Mega Expedition, including having a correspondent onboard one of the research vessels broadcasting content from the center of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We encourage all our members to do their part, either by changing their habits and reducing the amount of plastic waste they produce or by donating to help The Ocean Cleanup become a success!

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