Docking Under Power, Part II - Departing A Slip

Docking Made Easy Videos

Docking Made Easy

An American Sailing Association Educational Series

Docking Made Easy

An American Sailing Association Educational Series

Learn how to dock a sailboat under sail, or under power, in a variety of different scenarios. Sailing legend Peter Isler walks us through the process using animations, illustrations and live action footage. Understand the techniques and skills required by both skipper and crew in order to make your docking experiences safe and easy. The videos are based on the learning material featured in the ASA textbooks Sailing Made Easy and Basic Cruising Made Easy.

Ideal Approach Under Sail

What is the the ideal approach for docking a sailboat under sail? In a perfect world the wind will be blowing parallel to the dock so you can approach on a close reach and tie up pointing into the wind. Learn how to prepare your crew for docking, how to safely control your speed on your approach to the dock, how to safely step off the boat onto the dock, and finally how to secure your boat once you have docked. Remember, practice makes perfect! Watch Now >

Downwind Approach Under Sail

A good sailor must know how to dock their boat in all types of conditions. Although docking under sail in a downwind scenario isn’t desirable and should be avoided, there are situations that mandate such a skill. In Docking Made Easy – Downwind Under Sail, the basics of handling such a circumstance are examined. Learn the correct steps and methods to adhere to as you steer the boat into a downwind slip. Watch Now >

Docking Drills Under Power

Docking a larger sailboat under power can be challenging. This video features great open water drills to reveal characteristics of your boat that will help you learn to maneuver in tight quarters with control and confidence. Learn how to stop the boat safely without relying on the crew and docklines. Understand how a sailboat behaves at slow speed and in addition to the rudder learn about other turning forces – such as the wind, prop walk, and prop wash. Master these drills and docking your boat will be a lot less intimidating. Watch Now >

Departing a Slip Under Power

With the new found confidence you’ve gained from practicing all that’s packed into the Drills video, it’s time to apply those skills to pull the boat out of a slip safely and take a sail! In this video we learn how to configure docklines, make a game plan, and use the boat’s engine in the correct way for a safe and controlled departure. Watch Now >

Returning to the Dock Under Power

In this final video of the “Docking Made Easy” under-power series, it’s time to apply the skills we’ve learned in the previous videos and return the boat safely to the dock. Peter Isler addresses all of the necessary and important factors to consider and adhere to when returning a sailboat back to the dock under power. Watch Now >


Tying off fenders is something we have to do all the time so how should they be hung and how should you tie them? Different situations call for different applications, but generally speaking the best thing to do is hang the fenders from amidships from the lifelines just kissing the water. Watch Now >

The “Docking Made Easy” videos are presented by Cruising World in association with Beneteau America.

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