ASA 216 Online Instructor Qualification Clinic

Take the ASA 216 Online Instructor Qualification Clinic to become a Certified Dinghy and Outboard Instructor

For a limited time only, qualifying instructors can take this online course and become certified to teach the new ASA 116 Dinghy & Outboard Certification. Before taking this course, it is expected that you have read the course textbook Going Ashore Made Easy in order to answer the questions at the end of this class.

To qualify, you should have received an invitation from American Sailing that indicate that you are a at least a 204 instructor with sufficient teaching experience determined by ASA.

This course will cover the basics of dinghy and outboard knowledge as well as touch on teaching suggestions in order to have a greater effect on your students.

Your Certification IVN is included in the $99 course fee.

Course Duration: Approximately 2 Hours + Exam

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