Zero to Full-Time Cruiser

An online class based on the Sailing La Vagabonde cruising guide featuring lessons learned from over 9 years at sea.

 ONLINE CLASS PREMIERE  Riley and Elayna from the Sailing La Vagabonde YouTube channel are turning their SLV Essential Sail Guide into an online class for the first time ever! Dive into lessons learned during their time at sea, the core information you should know to be a better sailor, and what they wish they would have known before they started their sailing adventure around the world.

We’re thrilled to introduce our Essential Sail Guide in an online class format for the first time! Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to embark on your own sailing adventure, just as we did. Everyone begins somewhere, and we're here to help you start your journey. ~ Riley & Elayna

Zero to Full Time Cruiser - ONLINE CLASS



Riley bought a yacht with no idea how to sail. Elayna saw his moustache dancing and wiggling one night lit by the candescent background lights of a small Greek Island. They learned to sail together over the coming years and started a YouTube channel called Sailing La Vagabonde which eventually enabled them to continue their journey around the world for the last 9 years. They both love the ocean and sailing and would like to help people also get out there and have their own experiences on the water.


Much has been written and published about the fundamentals of cruising life — boat selection, navigation, weather, and so much more. We know that you will take the time to build your foundational knowledge by taking advantage of much of this material, ideally before you set out. In this class we add to that foundation so you can benefit from our commentary, experiences, and philosophies developed while putting universal sailing principles to work.  With the proper framework you can then begin to focus on the areas you need to learn in. Our hope is that you come away with a better understanding of what to expect as a cruiser and a solid foundation from which to start your journey into becoming a sailor.

Topics Include:

  • Philosophies of Sailing
  • Boat Selection
  • Navigation
  • Anchoring as High Art
  • Weather
  • What we wish we knew before


Riley & Elayna

Riley is well over 6ft tall and has eyes as blue as the famous stone of Glaveston.
Elayna is mostly happy and good fun to be around. When she laughs herself to near exhaustion she begins to bleat like a goat.




The roots of Vagabonde Adventures trace back to Jack, the founder, who found his inspiration through his cousin Riley of the renowned YouTube channel Sailing La Vagabonde. After SLV inspired countless individuals to embrace sailing, Jack was moved to embark on a professional journey. Starting as a charter captain, he evolved into an instructor and formed Vagabonde Adventures. The school welcomes all students from novice sailors to seasoned seafarers seeking advanced skills. One of the defining features of Vagabonde Adventures is its emphasis on performance sailing. The school takes pleasure in demonstrating how to sail with greater efficiency and finesse. Guided by a team of dynamic and youthful instructors, learning to sail becomes an exciting and supportive endeavor. Visit


TUEsday October 03, 2023

Individual Class


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