LIVE Four-Session Course in September, 2021
Led by Bill Gladstone

Why North U?

Since 1980 North U has been the most prestigious organization in performance sailing education in the world. ASA has chosen North U to meet the needs of its members who desire taking their sailing to the highest levels. Their programs offer the latest in sailing techniques in an engaging interactive format that makes the course fun and effective.

Why attend a webinar?

Bicycles, bobsleds, sailboats. No matter what you race, you’ve got to be fast to win. If it’s sailboats you race, or cruise, then the North U Sail Trim Live Webinars are for you. They teach the latest in sailing skills with an emphasis on practical, proven, real-world techniques that will help you sail faster.

What Will I Learn?

The North U Sail Trim & Boat Speed Webinars cover sail trim on all points of sail. Upwind topics include jib trim, mainsail trim and helming. Downwind courses cover symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers as well as tips for those who sail under jib and main only.


ASA's Advanced Cruising and Seamanship draws on a broad and ever changing mix of skills.
Over time there have been changes and improvements in sails, boats, and gear; and of course a revolution in electronics and navigation. Learn the latest in Cruising and Seamanship skills at the ASA's Advanced Cruising and Seamanship webinar.

Cruising & Seamanship Webinar

Robust, four-session course focusing on boat speed, sail trim, and seamanship challenges.

  • A Four-Session Course led by North U Director Bill Gladstone
  • Sign up for single sessions or the full series
  • Two-hour sessions, eight hours total
  • Live Sessions: Sept 21, 23, 28 & 30.
  • View, Review, Revisit the recordings as often as you like, for months and months, after the live sessions


  • The latest in Cruising and Seamanship skills, terminology, in all weather conditions
  • ASA's Advanced Cruising and Seamanship workbook available by mail

Cruising Skills & Know-how

Cruising is sailing, and so much more. This course covers sailing – that’s for sure. But that is not all. We also explore the important skills needed to both sail and live in your boat. Come away with a greater understanding of the weather, navigation, safety, mechanical, and interpersonal skills necessary to be a safe, confident, happy,  proficient coastal cruiser. ASA's Advanced Cruising & Seamanship webinar gives you the expertise needed to face the new and unique challenges each cruise presents.

Seamanship Skills & Insights

Competence in Seamanship is important for every sailor, no matter their experience. The knowledge areas that fall under it will help you sail safely, regardless of weather or situation. You don’t need to be an expert sailor to grasp and utilize Seamanship. In the ASA Advanced Cruising & Seamanship Webinar, you’ll leave with a solid awareness of the technical and anticipatory skills that allow for a safe and enjoyable journey.



Session 1: Upwind Trim

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Sailing efficiently upwind, against the force that drives us, is a marvel of modern design. In Upwind Trim you get a brief look at the theory of upwind sailing and in-depth training on proper trim. You’ll learn how to sail fast and point high with balance and control in all conditions. We explain proper sail shape and the use mainsail and jib controls to achieve optimum performance. You’ll learn techniques to improve performance in light, moderate, and heavy air conditions. A special section addresses Performance Problems with Trim Solutions.

Complete List of Topics

Session 2: DownWind Trim

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Most of our cruising time is spent reaching. If not, it’s time to choose a new destination! In Downwind Sail Trim we address proper use and trim of gennakers, asymmetric spinnakers and symmetric spinnakers when reaching and running. We also explain proper use of whisker poles for jib and main sailing and look at the new Code Sails and furling systems.

Complete List of Topics

Session 3: Marine Weather

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

Marine Weather, Sailing & Safety
The sources weather information are expanding everyday. Our special session with Marine Weather University found Chris Bedford will help you select the best sources for your needs and teach how to combine your own observations with forecast information to create a local forecast and plan your passages.

Heavy Weather Sailing & Safety
Heavy Weather Sailing is a part of cruising. Gain a better understanding heavy weather trim to maintain comfort and control when conditions are rough. We address sudden squalls, and wavy storms, and the preparation, strategies, and techniques you need to make your way through them.

Complete List of Topics

Session 4: Cruising & Seamanship

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Cruising is sailing… and so much more. Navigation, night sailing, tides and currents, wind shifts, engine care, heads, dinghies… The list goes on and on. Spoiler Alert: When you go cruising problems will arise. In the webinar, we look at some of the challenges you might encounter along the way. We offer solutions, and an approach to problem solving that will help ensure a successful cruise. And then we encourage you to go. Don’t wait. Go…

Complete List of Topics

Add the Advanced Cruising and Seamanship Book

The companion book is the all new 4th edition Advanced Cruising and Seamanship Book. Written by Bill Gladstone and edited by the ASA development team, the book covers Sail Trim, Performance, Safety, Navigation, Weather, and Seamanship topics.  Much has changed since the first edition of the Cruising & Seamanship Workbook. There have been improvements in sails, boats, and gear; and of course a revolution in electronics and navigation.  What has not changed is the role of the sailor to assure a safe, enjoyable passage. Learn the latest in Cruising & Seamanship skills with the all new 4th edition  Advanced Cruising and Seamanship by Bill Gladstone.   You can add the book to your webinar registration and we’ll ship it right away.


About Bill Gladstone

North U Director Bill Gladstone has been teaching sailing and racing for decades. The author of the North U Performance Racing Trim and Performance Racing Tactics books and creator of the North U Seminars and Webinars, graduates of Bill’s programs are racing and winning in fleets the world over. But that is not all. Bill is an avid cruiser with extensive experience on the east and west coasts, great lakes, and Caribbean. Together with John Rousmaniere he created the original Cruising and Seamanship curriculum. This update was created in conjunction with the American Sailing Association.


"Great fun and hugely informative. Fantastic mix of simulator, slides, video, replays and drawing on still shots for clarification. Information unpacked nicely to be accessible, relatable, and memorable."
Anonymous, Canada
"The webinar was very well done, the audio and video were very clear, the content was meaningful."
Pam M, Canada
"Great content and video quality was great throughout the presentation."
Anonymous, Ohio
"The animations and graphics and video were super helpful. I would highly recommend this course for any sailor, whether cruiser or racer."
Gary B, Oregon
"Absolutely fantastic, well worth the money and happy I attended."
Jim H, California

ASA's Advanced Cruising & Seamanship Webinar Package

All Live Sessions 7:30 – 9:30 pm EDT /  4:30 – 6:30 pm PDT (US)

Tuesday, Sept. 21st, 2021
Upwind Trim

Thursday, Sept. 23rd, 2021
Downwind Trim

Tuesday, Sept. 28th, 2021
Marine Weather

Thursday, Sept. 30th, 2021
Cruising & Seamanship

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Individual Webinars

This Cruising & Seamanship Webinar course is also available in 4 LIVE sessions

Tuesday, Sept. 21st, 2021
@ 7:30 – 9:30 pm EDT / 4:30 – 6:30PM PDT (US)

Upwind Trim

  • Upwind Trim Theory in Brief
  • Mainsail Trim and Controls
  •  Jib Trim and Controls
  •  Helming
  •  Moderate Air Trim
  •  Light Air Trim
  •  Heavy Air Trim
  • Performance Problems and Trim Solutions

2-Hour Live Session

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June 10th, 2021
@ 7:30 – 9:30 pm EDT / 4:30 – 6:30PM PDT (US)

Downwind Trim

  • Reaching Trim
  •  Running Trim
  • Gennakers and Spinnakers

2-Hour Live Session

June 15th, 2021
@ 7:30 – 9:30 pm EDT / 4:30 – 6:30PM PDT (US)

Marine Weather

  • Upwind Trim Theory in Brief
  •  What is Heavy Weather?
  •  Heavy Weather Forehandedness
  •  Heavy Weather Sailing
  •  Squall!
  •  Storms
  •  Alternate Storm Strategy
  •  Misery and Danger

2-Hour Live Session

June 17th, 2021
@ 7:30 – 9:30 pm EDT / 4:30 – 6:30PM PDT (US)

Cruising & Seamanship

  • Upwind Trim Theory in Brief
  •  What is Heavy Weather?
  •  Heavy Weather Forehandedness
  •  What is Cruising?
  •  Seamanship
  •  Safety
  •  Knots
  • Anchoring and Docking
  •  Sailing

2-Hour Live Session