ASA Featured Instructor: DJ McCabe

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Captain DJ McCabe of U-Sail Sailing School Captain DJ McCabe is not just a sailing instructor she is a sailing school owner. Captain DJ is the owner and operator of U-Sail of Central Florida and is the quintessential sailor. She lives to be out on the water. She has handled every aspect of the sailing experience from racing to maintenance to cruising to exploring. Her infectious spirit makes her popular with her students and a role model for women on the water.  Captain DJ McCabe is ASA’s Featured Instructor

ASA Featured Instructor: Sara Burke

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Captain Sara Burke of Manhattan Sailing School Captain Sara Burke is a role model. As a sailing instructor at Manhattan Sailing School, she is a champion of the sailing lifestyle and a model of what sailing is becoming. Her sailing story is about perseverance and adaptability but boils down to her love for the ocean. Read her story below and you’ll realize that her positivity about sailing is a springboard to be better. Better on the water and better in other aspects of your life. A lover of the ocean, Sara Burke needs sailing but sailing needs her more. Captain …

ASA Featured Instructor: Thelma Brooks

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Thelma Brooks of Narragansett Sailing School is This Month’s Featured Instructor Mary Goff, owner of Narragansett Sailing School suggested we should feature one of her instructors, Thelma Brooks. She shared testimonials from her students and the underlying theme was her patience with students. The testimonials can be found at the bottom of this article but it is important to note that she makes strides teaching other women to sail. The American Sailing Association has quite a few women instructors who are making a huge difference in bringing more women on the water.  Captain Thelma Brooks is this month’s ASA Featured …

Captain Stacey Brooks on Sailing and Visiting Cuba with Sea Dog Sailing

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Cuba Libre As the wheels hit the runway in Havana, I gasped with the strong realization that I was finally fulfilling this lifetime dream. After all my years at sea around the Caribbean and the world, deep in my soul, I had always wanted to experience and sail Cuba. The largest island nation in the Caribbean sea, ironically the closest to the US, and yet I had never been there. In fact, a lot of Americans have never been there. All the more reason to go. The controversy, as well as the severe beauty and contradictions, have tugged at my …

Women On The Water

Making Sailing Safer For Women

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How Men Can Step Up to Create a Safer Sport for Women In my first piece, What Women Want Men To Know on Boats  I wrote about gender discrimination in sailing. Now we go to the truly scary part: Harassment and Assault. As I discussed before, sexism and assault are ultimately issues that society needs to correct. Most men I meet in sailing are amazing people who are kind and inclusive. Articles like this are an appeal to help shift the culture. Men can do that by addressing the systems and bias norms we live with and changing them to …

Meet Captain Steph

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Captain Stephanie Mansberger Wolters is an ASA trained instructor and USCG Licensed 50 Ton Masters Captain with Sailing and Towing Endorsements. Growing up in Morgantown, West Virginia, Stephanie learned to sail at a young age through the Sea Scouts. There she learned to navigate and race on small and large bodies of water.  These days she sails out of Fort Myers, Florida with classes through ASA affiliate Island Dreamer Sailing School. Captain Stephanie regularly offers women’s only courses as well as multi-day courses in the Caribbean and the Flroida Keys. Stephanie acquired a taste for the cruising / liveaboard lifestyle …

ASA Featured Instructor: Captain Margaret Pommert, Seattle Sailing and San Juan Sailing

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Captain Margaret Pommert of Seattle has been named the recipient of the 2020 BoatUS/National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award. The award annually recognizes an individual with a record of achievement in inspiring, educating, and enriching the lives of women through sailing. Margaret is an ASA instructor, Instructor Evaluator, and holds a 100-ton USCG Captain’s License. “Margaret has been called ‘a force of nature’ for her enthusiasm and effectiveness in getting more women on the water,” said NWSA President Debbie Huntsman. “She encourages women to step up to new responsibilities and to expand their capabilities, confidence, and …

ASA Featured Instructor: Captain Kira Maixner, Modern Sailing School

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Captain Kira currently teaches at Modern Sailing in Sausalito where the San Francisco Bay is her playground. She has been heavily involved in building a women’s sailing program and teaches a Wind & Woman course as well. She has been boating since she was a youngster and sailing since she moved to San Francisco 6 years ago. In December 2017, Kira began working towards earning her Captain’s License, which she earned in 2018, and began teaching at Modern Sailing School in the spring of 2018. While she enjoys teaching people from all walks of life, she is most passionate when …