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Women On The Water – The Journey of the Arctic Loon

“I have a boat and the time, and I can’t think of any reason not to.” These were the words that started female Sailing Captains Diana Trump and Anne Alberg’s journey to the South Pacific. Diana’s husband Jeff was unable to leave his business for early retirement, but she felt this was her time for the offshore adventure. Jeff supported her in every way including his invaluable technology expertise.

On August 31, 2018, Diana and Anne (an ASA Instructor/USCG Charter Skipper) left Seattle for New Zealand. The journey aboard SV (sailing vessel) Arctic Loon would take 14 months. Arctic Loon is a 45’ 2008 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey DS (Deck Salon) with 3 cabins. Additional crew, both men and women for various legs of the voyage, were selected from Anne’s vast network of ASA graduates, as well as friends/family including Jeff who has joined at various ports along the way and their 23-year-old son Casey and 26-year-old daughter Emma.

Since departing 8 months ago Anne and Diana have traveled 6,591 NM, with another 3,500 NM still to go. They plan to arrive in New Zealand in late October 2019. Their route took them out of Puget Sound and the Straits of Juan de Fuca, cruising offshore coastal waters of Washington, Oregon, California, Baja Mexico, into the Sea of Cortez, down Pacific Mexico, and then departing from Puerto Vallarta on March 23rd for the 2,953 NM / 28-day offshore Pacific Ocean crossing to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.

Arctic Loon, and her crew of 4 women for the recent Pacific Puddle Jump ocean crossing, officially arrived on Saturday, April 20 at their 1st South Pacific anchorage, the stunning island of Fatu Hiva with its majestic cliffs. After their 1st full night’s sleep in 4 weeks, the crew enjoyed spectacular Polynesian-style singing at the Easter Sunday Church service; where the local women dressed in their finest white dresses, many wearing fresh flower crowns and bun decorations. Easter brunch was served at a Marquesan family’s house and the feast included pigs they shot, fish they caught, chicken raised in their yard, rice, papaya salad, and breadfruit, with amazing fresh Pamplemousse juice.

The Dream

Let’s go back to how two women, each with a dream of going offshore to the South Pacific, were inspired and researched, planned, studied, prepared and embarked on this incredible 14-month journey together.

Four years after Diana and Jeff had sold their 30’ Catalina, Diana still wanted to continue to develop her sailing skills. In 2012, she signed up for the American Sailing Association’s 101, 103, 104 weekend courses through San Juan Sailing in Bellingham, WA. Her ASA Instructor for each course was Captain Anne Alberg.

Seeds for Anne’s offshore dream were planted in 1976 when her childhood neighbor Janet and her husband David built an offshore sailboat named Alegria. Over the years as they traveled to remote anchorages around the world, Janet would write letters always asking at the end, “When are you going to join us?” Anne’s dream was fueled by sailing with her older brother Tom and his family, watching offshore cruisers present at local yacht clubs, and her own charters with friends in exotic locations such as Palau, Belize, Thailand and Myanmar.

The Captain

Three specific events led Anne to get her United States Coast Guard (USCG) Captain’s License: A five-week sailing adventure in Northern BC to the remote First Nation Island of Haida Gwaii, a personal development workshop discovery that illuminated that Anne loves people, adventure, teaching, exploring, sailing, sailing, sailing, and her encounter with Jermaine Larson, Director of San Juan Sailing’s ASA School who said, “Why don’t you start teaching sailing for us?”

Luckily Anne had a lifetime of days on the water (USCG requires 360 total days/90 days in the last three years), she took the USCG Captain’s Course and passed three USCG exams. In 2012, as Anne celebrated her 50th Birthday, she began her new career as Captain Anne Alberg. Diana was in Anne’s very first ASA 101 weekend course, and their lifetime friendship was established.

Anne and her friend Marcia joined Diana/Jeff for a charter in Desolation Sound, and in 2014 Captain Anne cruised for 71 days round trip from Seattle to Sitka, AK aboard Diana and Jeff’s new sailboat Arctic Loon.

The Journey

Fast forward five years – after attending the 2017 Seattle Boat Show Coho Ho Ho/Baja Ha Ha/Pacific Puddle Jump Cruising Rally Seminars, Diana sent an email that would change both their lives, “Been doing some thinking! We should sail to the South Pacific. I have a boat and the time and can’t think of any reason not to go. No details at this time, all is open. Let’s talk if you think this might work for you.“ Captain Anne’s email response “What a thought!!! I have nothing on my calendar… Let’s go!”

For the next 19 months, Diana, Jeff and Anne began preparing Arctic Loon (which was already very well prepared for cruising in Alaska) for the South Pacific. Now there were new offshore considerations: install a water maker, solar panels, top down spinnaker, whisker pole, hydrovane, replacing boom vang, replacing mainsail and genoa, and the endless list of spare parts to purchase. Diana and Anne had to learn general maintenance as well as troubleshooting to become as self-sufficient as possible. Read their blog www.arcticloon2018.com and www.globalsailinglifestyle.com to discover what maintenance issues they encountered and ultimately mastered. If only video could have recorded the conversations of women working to solve issues on the high sea with no access to the internet for doing research. Thankfully Jeff was able to do research at home and provide needed consultation.

What has been surprising is the reaction to being an all-female offshore cruising boat and not just from other cruising boats. In Mexico and now in French Polynesian, the locals, especially women ask “Where are the husbands?” Big smiles and thumbs up have been the response received upon learning Arctic Loon has a female Captain and an all-female crew.

The Highlights To-Date

Magical memories so far:
Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge at 7 am sunrise after an intense 6-day offshore passage from Seattle
Being celebrated as an all-women crew
Sailing at night under the full moon, especially when the dolphins would swim alongside shimmering in the bio-luminescence
Developing a “We Can Do” attitude toward endless maintenance issues
Ultimately hanging a stem of 100 bananas proving their successful arrival in the South Pacific!

A favorite quote from an exhausted “Captain Fix-it” Diana: “If something breaks today, it is not getting fixed!”

What is next on Anne and Diana’s South Pacific adventure? They currently have 90-day visas for the Marquesas Islands, the Tuamotus Archipelago, and Society Islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora), then will continue on to the Cook Islands, Tonga and ultimately the nine-day offshore passage to New Zealand arriving around October 20th.

Captain Anne Alberg, when not sailing across the Pacific Ocean teaches at San Juan Sailing School in Washington State.

Lady Liberty Regatta in New York Harbor

The American Sailing Association has launched a new campaign designed to get more women on the water. The “Women Wake Up Zone” encourages more women to take the helm. The Manhattan Yacht Club is hosting the Lady Liberty Regatta, an all-female regatta on June 8 and 9, 2019. Manhattan Sailing School is the public teaching arm of Manhattan Yacht Club.

Women On The Water

The top women sailors are about to compete in a New York Harbor Regatta. The Manhattan Yacht Club, the largest and most active sailing club in the New York Harbor, will host The Lady Liberty Regatta, an all-women’s regatta on June 8 and 9, 2019. The Regatta will bring together sixty-five of the top amateur women sailors from across the US to compete in front of one of the world’s most famous icons, the Statue of Liberty.
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ASA Featured Instructor: Joan Gilmore, Sail Away Sailing School

Captain Joan Gilmore can be found at Sail Away Sailing School in Minnesota but that is just her physical address. You really find her out on the water as she leads trips to her favorite ports on a regular basis. She holds a master’s degree in adult learning styles and has been an Instructor Evaluator for ASA since 2000, training Small Boat through Advanced Coastal Cruising Instructors in the U.S., Japan, and the Caribbean. The former ASA Education Coordinator now serves on three non-profit sailing boards and writes articles for Sailing and other national magazines.

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Women On The Water

Women Wake Up Zone

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE American Sailing Association Launches “Women Wake Up Zone” to Celebrate Women on the Water and Encourage More Women to Sail

LOS ANGELES (March 21, 2019) The American Sailing Association (ASA), America’s sail education authority, is energizing women to set sail with the announcement of its new education campaign: “Women Wake Up Zone.” As U.S. corporations, politics and the entertainment industry evolve to include greater numbers of women, the sailing industry is riding the wave of gender equality, as well. With International Women’s Day earlier this month, as well as March being designated as Women’s History Month, the world’s largest sailing organization chose March 2019 to embark upon a crusade to bring more women into sailing.

When people hear ‘sailing,’ they often think of stuffy, 60-year-old men behind the wheel while women watch,” said Cindy Shabes, president of the American Sailing Association. “Although a recent market research study shows that men outnumber women seven to one as registered boat owners, many of our instructors and high-level instructor evaluators are now women, and many of our schools are now owned or managed by women.

The American Sailing Association aims to lead gender equality in sailing with its “Women Wake Up Zone” education campaign. Designed to erase the stereotypes and eliminate the fear some women have that sailing is too expensive and physically demanding, the initiative aims to create more women sailors. Shabes added, “As we see more women take the wheel and thrive on our waterways, we believe that others will follow in their wake.

The “Women Wake Up Zone” education campaign is based on ASA courses that teach how to:

  • Tie the knot – Knots can be tricky and intimidating, but women can be better at tying knots because their hands are often nimbler.
  • Raise a sail – Heavy sails that used to require major upper body strength have been replaced with lighter synthetic sails. In fact, men who often try to “muscle” the lines are at a disadvantage because now there are more efficient mechanisms and techniques.
  • Work the winch – Maneuver a modern two-speed winch, the device on a boat to pull in or let out wind.
  • Save someone – Learn the procedure to follow if someone falls off of a boat.
  • Take the helm – Use fingertip precision to steer and sail the course.

With the advances in technology, sailing has truly become a gender-neutral sport,” says Shabes. “We just need more women to get involved and spread the word!

In 2018, one third of all new students at the American Sailing Association schools nationwide were women, and the organization expects that by the year 2020, at least half of all new students will be women. More progress is needed in the ferry, cruise, and cargo ship industry, the workforce of which the International Workers Federation (ITF) estimates only one to two percent is women. “More women in the industry will also encourage more women to consider sailing,” Shabes concluded.
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About the American Sailing Association
The American Sailing Association (ASA) has been the leader in U.S. sailing education for 36 years. The Association has grown to include an international network of more than 350 professionally accredited sailing schools. More than one million certifications have been awarded to over 515,000 people who have been introduced to sailing through ASA schools, clubs and programs since 1983. For more information, visit www.asa.com.
Jill Hoffman
(323) 719-7111 (mobile)

ASA Featured Instructor: Kim Walther of St. Augustine Sailing

Kim Walther is a sailing instructor at St. Augustine Sailing in Northeast Florida. Her passion for the ocean and sailing comes through in her writing on her lifestyle blog Deep Water Happy where she shares tips on everything from sailing to travel to healthy living. She has a self-proclaimed obsession with the outdoors and has sailed the east coast from Maine to the Caribbean. If she is not racing with the St. Augustine Yacht Club, she is teaching ASA sailing courses or she is diving, or running, or cycling. In other words, you can’t stop her.
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8 Things I Learned in ASA 101

Join Lauren on her adventure as she embarks on a journey to learn to sail. Follow her as she gets her feet wet as a beginner, gains experience, and earns her ASA certifications with Santa Barbara Sailing Center. The ultimate goal is to complete ASA 104 and go bareboat chartering somewhere exotic.

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