Product Review: The Sømand Farallon Sailing Jacket for Women

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Before I get thrown overboard for being a man doing a review of a woman’s sailing jacket it should be known that I am simply being a man who is doing what his wife is asking him to do.  The sailing jacket review is really me taking dictation from my wife who is doing the heavy lifting on this review.  My wife has been sailing for over 20 years. She can do anything I can do on a sailboat and she typically does. The only difference between her as a female and me as a male is that she sails …

ASA Featured Instructor: Anne Popolizio

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Captain Anne Popolizio of Manhattan Sailing School Getting to know someone through an interview is oftentimes disappointing. Just reading about ASA instructor Anne Popolizio makes me want to go sailing with her right now! Her story is one of a passion for sailing and a passion for learning.  I want to be out on the water with the sailor that just can’t get enough or with the young girl who just had to be in a sailing class.  Chasing down what you love and capturing it in order to share it with others is the definition of teaching.  That is …

ASA Featured Instructor: Amy E. Skillman

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Captain Amy E. Skillman of Sailtime Annapolis Sailing Academy Captain Amy Skillman grew up sailing and grew up with four brothers. The experience that she garnered sailing with her adventurous family has prepared her for a life of teaching. Understanding the roles that are played on a boat as well as how personalities develop from those roles has contributed to Captain Skillman’s approach to sailing. Captain Amy Skillman’s shared much about her sailing philosophy and it is intoxicating. It makes me want to sail the Chesapeake with her right now. Captain Amy E. Skillman is ASA’s Featured Instructor

ASA Featured Instructor: Jennifer Wirth

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Captain Jennifer Wirth of Blue Water Sailing Florida Captain Jennifer Wirth’s bio reads like an extensive sailing log but one thing that catches our eye is this: “She spent the next six years sailing the Caribbean, living on self-caught seafood and fresh island fruit, enjoying the self-reliance and empowerment of “cruising simple.” It is in that description of who she is as a sailor that she possesses a little bit of what we all want to be. Her life has been about sailing and it continues to be from chartering to teaching. Captain Jennifer Wirth is ASA’s Featured Instructor

Women and Boat Ownership

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How the Boating Industry Can Grow The Boating Industry is missing out on a massive piece of the economic pie as we speak. Is it Sexism? There has been a gender bias in boating that implies women are mostly there to do galley work or look pretty on the bow. They fail to see that more women are interested in being captains, doing maintenance of all kinds, and owning a boat of their own. Women are 51% of the population, 46.7% of the overall workforce, and 50.2% of the college-educated workforce. We are highly capable, enthusiastic, and increasingly have cash …

ASA Featured Instructor: Laurel Seaborn

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Captain Laurel Seaborn of American Sailing Academy Captain Laurel Seaborn has a sailing resume that spans from growing up on a Herreshoff-design ketch to being co-founder and instructor for the Seafaring Education and Maritime Archeological Heritage Program. She holds a 100 ton USCG license, and she has seemingly done every job on boats from top to bottom. Captain Seaborn owned a boat before she owned a car and taught at a couple of universities. Fortunately for us at ASA, she loves to teach sailing, and her students in Key Largo get to reap the benefits of her endless experience on …

Sailing Gear by and for Women

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Introducing Sømand, technical sailing apparel designed for women A new sailing apparel brand has arrived that aims to put women at the forefront in an industry that has historically catered to men. Sømand was founded by Bay Area sailors Noelle Brewin and Laura Levy, who set out to challenge the perception of what a sailor should look like and create apparel that empowers women to feel confident, be comfortable, and perform their best while sailing.  The Somand Story Noelle and Laura met as fellow crew racing a Friday night series in 2018 and bonded over a shared background in design, …

ASA Featured Instructor: DJ McCabe

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Captain DJ McCabe of U-Sail Sailing School Captain DJ McCabe is not just a sailing instructor she is a sailing school owner. Captain DJ is the owner and operator of U-Sail of Central Florida and is the quintessential sailor. She lives to be out on the water. She has handled every aspect of the sailing experience from racing to maintenance to cruising to exploring. Her infectious spirit makes her popular with her students and a role model for women on the water.  Captain DJ McCabe is ASA’s Featured Instructor