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Going Sailing: Summer Sailstice 2019

As if we needed another excuse to go sailing, Summer Sailstice is reason enough to go sailing with everyone you know. Set up as a celebration of sailing, sailboats and everything we love about the lifestyle, Summer Sailstice is a way to get together with the global sailing community.

The summer solstice is June 21, 2019, and that means we have to take advantage of all of that sunlight by going sailing! Summer Sailstice happens on June 22 -23, 2019.

What is Summer Sailstice?

Summer Sailstice was founded in February 2001 by John Arndt, the publisher of Latitude 38, a West Coast sailing publication. Held on the weekend nearest the summer solstice, this global sailing holiday was created as a way to connect the greater global sailing community.

The annual event is free for all participants and rough estimates place participation at 19,000 boats annually. This is up from 200 at its inception. The global sailing community has embraced the idea of sailing together!

Why Summer Sailstice?
When you participate you become part of a larger community of sailors who are part of a global demonstration of sailing. Special events are organized by clubs and individuals. Organizing an event is easy – just follow the instructions on the Summer Sailstice website.

You could also use the GoSailing App that connects sailors with people who love to be on the water. The GO SAILING app helps you find crew or apply to be crew on other skippers’ trips. There are also sailing related social events, seminars, and sailing lessons on the app.

How Do You Participate in Summer Sailstice?
It is as easy as going sailing but this is an opportunity to meet other sailors nearby or to get involved with sailing clubs and organizations around you. The Summer Sailstice website is the hub that helps organize the entire endeavor. You can create your own or join an event on their website and register to win prizes from the Summer Sailstice sponsors. When you create an event the Summer Sailstice website has all the tools ready for you to easily invite new sailors as well as spread the word about your sailing get-together.

Check out the Summer Sailstice website and download the GoSailing App to find an event near you or to create an event.

Let’s go sailing together for Summer Sailstice 2019!

“Ultimately our goal is to create an event celebrating all of our unique ways of sailing that brings all sailors ‘together’, supports ocean health and attracts the attention of the non-sailing world. Think American Thanksgiving – a tradition an incredibly diverse nation all celebrates ‘together’. Summer Sailstice is an opportunity for us all to be grateful and generous with sailing.” – Founder John Arndt

Summer Sailstice

Summer Sailstice – Let’s All Go Sailing Together on June 23rd.

Every year the Summer Sailstice gets a bit more popular and a lot more fun. For the uninitiated this event… well, it’s not really an event, it’s a weekend designated for doing sailing related things, wherever you happen to be. On the weekend of June 23 and 24 many sailing schools, yacht clubs, sailing organizations and all kinds of other small groups who love sailing will be either organizing a Summer Sailstice event or participating in one.

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Summer Sailstice on the Horizon!

It’s June and that means the annual Summer Sailstice is upon us! According to organizers, “the Sailstice is a worldwide celebration of sailing on the weekend closest to the summer solstice.” This year, that means June 20th will be chock full of sailing events going on all over the United States and beyond. It’s a day to celebrate what a great sport sailing is and to get out on the water.

It’s pretty incredible what’s happening across the country on this year’s Sailstice. From Maine to Hawaii there are events of all sizes, shapes and themes. In accordance with the spirit of the day, there are races, expeditions, overnight cruises, rally’s and lots and lots of raft up parties.

Of course ASA is part of the action. The Sailstice offers a chance to win prizes for being a part of the day, and ASA has donated some great books to the cause. The American Sailing Association community is, of course, also quite involved. Here’s a list of the various ASA affiliate schools that are hosting fun events:

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Things To Do On Father’s Day Weekend

Dive into summer sailing!

This Sunday, June 19th, is Father’s Day, and with the official first day of summer impending on June 21, the time is right to get out and sail. So what should you do this Father’s Day weekend? Well, that’s ultimately up to you (or the Dad in your life), but here are some ideas!

  • Participate in our “Sailing Dads” photo contest. Dad deserves his fifteen minutes of fame, so share your best picture of him braving the high seas on our Facebook wall. If you take Dad out sailing this weekend, be sure to snap some pictures and share them with us. The entries will be voted on by fans of ASA and the winner gets featured in our ‘Sailing with Style’ e-magazine.
  • Take part in Summer Sailstice. This is a global celebration of sailing and the sailing lifestyle. Check out their website where you can see what other sailors in your area are up to, or investigate the sailing plans of folks around the world. It’s not too late to sign up!
  • Visit the San Diego Wooden Boat Festival at Koehler Kraft Boatyard, this Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in Southern California, this is a great event. Unlike typical boat shows, the point of this festival is not really to sell boats, but to provide a forum for admiring some beautiful wooden boats and learn more about them. Plus there will be a charity auction of wooden boats!
  • Or maybe Dad deserves his next ASA sailing certification? Go here to find your local sailing school and see what they’re offering. On second thought, maybe someone ELSE needs to get a new certification so that Dad can kick back and relax while everyone else handles the boat!

Know of any other great events or ways to spend Father’s Day weekend? Advise us with a comment below, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter! And to all the Dads–have a great time and enjoy yourselves!