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Cookin’ on the Boat!

Looking for some new recipes that you can actually make in your boat’s galley? Good food, but not gourmet?  Ingredients you can actually find and store on your boat?  Recipes that don’t require a bunch of electric appliances?

The Boat Galley Cookbook has the answers! We tapped one of the authors, Carolyn Shearlock, and said, “Carolyn! Kick us down a little boat-cooking advice!” Here is what she provided: Continue reading

A Sailing Diamond

Bob Diamond has been teaching beginning-sailors the ropes for a good long time and has been an instructor at Spinnaker Sailing in Redwood City, California since 1984. Although he is happy to be recognized as one of ASA’s Outstanding Instructors, it’s not necessarily a new feeling – he’s actually been singled out for the honor seven other times through the years.

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From Alcatraz a Sailor is Born

Chet Shubert was waiting for the ferry to Alcatraz in San Fransisco one afternoon and was entranced by all the sailboats darting around in the crisp winds the bay so often produces. The good news was he was going to Alcatraz just as a tourist, the other good news was his life was changed from that moment on… for the better.

That week Shubert joined Olympic Circle Sailing Club, and started his quest to be one of those same lucky sailors, out in the bay on a sunny and breezy afternoon. In no time he would gain his 101 and 103 certifications and soon found himself blazing around the bay on the club’s the club’s J 24s. He later earned his 104 certification at Modern Sailing School & Club in Sausalito and now sailing was officially in his blood… and on his resume.

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Jim King - Outstanding ASA Sailing Instructor Spotlight

King of Sailing

Sailing school owner Jim King didn’t scratch his sailing itch right away, but he definitely made up for lost time. It was just in 2006 when he took his first ASA 101 and ASA 103 courses but he bought a boat the next weekend! Now there’s a guy who knows he found his calling. He sailed all the time. First he explored the Jacksonville, Florida area, then the waters of England for three-years and when he joined the Air Force he continued to sail, this time on the Potomac River in DC and the Chesapeake Bay around Annapolis.

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The Sailing Surgeon

Outstanding Instructor Series

John Martin is a guy who knows how to live life. A retired surgeon who has sailed around the world, Martin has over 48,000 nautical miles under his belt and he’s still sailing all the time.

The sailing bug bit him as a 7-year-old racing Lasers, Flying Scotts and then 470s through high school and college. As he got older the boats got bigger and he was soon crewing on the larger mono’s racing the Chicago and Port Huron to Mac races.

Today he’s an instructor at the Great Lakes Sailing Company in Traverse City, Michigan where he’s enjoying his second career as a sailing instructor. For his dedication to education and conscientious work there, he has been recognized as one of ASA’s Outstanding Instructors.

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Blown Away by Sailing

Drew Skelton found his way into sailing through the Boy Scouts of America program and has been a waterman ever since. As a kid he sailed his own Snark 14 on a local lake and continued to hone his skills as he grew up. In 2006 he began pursuing ASA certifications and after a good amount of sailing and hard work he became an instructor. Today, as owner of Blown Away Sailing in Rock Hall, Maryland, he is recognized as one of ASA’s Outstanding Instructors.

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Sailing by the Lee

Outstanding Instructor Series

Since he was a kid, Lee Pearce has been around the water and boats, but he didn’t discover sailing until he was around 30-years old, living in Florida. He made his way to the shores of California where the sea became a more prominent part of his life. There, he earned his USCG Captain’s license and started teaching sailing part time on the weekends.

Pearce soon found his groove and realized he could be more than a part time instructor and took the plunge, starting his own sailing school, Learn to Sail San Diego, and that’s where he’s been teaching for the past 15-years. He’s a dedicated and skillful teacher and has been recognized as one of ASA’s Outstanding Instructors.

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Summer Sailstice on the Horizon!

It’s June and that means the annual Summer Sailstice is upon us! According to organizers, “the Sailstice is a worldwide celebration of sailing on the weekend closest to the summer solstice.” This year, that means June 20th will be chock full of sailing events going on all over the United States and beyond. It’s a day to celebrate what a great sport sailing is and to get out on the water.

It’s pretty incredible what’s happening across the country on this year’s Sailstice. From Maine to Hawaii there are events of all sizes, shapes and themes. In accordance with the spirit of the day, there are races, expeditions, overnight cruises, rally’s and lots and lots of raft up parties.

Of course ASA is part of the action. The Sailstice offers a chance to win prizes for being a part of the day, and ASA has donated some great books to the cause. The American Sailing Association community is, of course, also quite involved. Here’s a list of the various ASA affiliate schools that are hosting fun events:

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