Sailing St. Martin: Anguilla

By: Flotillas

Continuing the story of ASA’s 2012 St. Martin flotilla. PART TWO: THE ROOSTER CROWS FOR DAY After two nights in Gustavia, St. Barths, it was time to up-anchor and head for the British island of Anguilla. It was a marathon sail, 26 miles with several tacks and gybes onto different points of sail. Great practice for all of us, especially the three people on my boat getting their ASA 104 certifications! We had excellent sailing conditions throughout the trip, with consistent winds of 10-15 knots.

The History of the ASA

By: American Sailing Association

Beginnings Until 1983, the United States had no nationally recognized set of standards for sailors. This made it very difficult to tell who was proficient and who wasn’t–a big problem for anyone renting or chartering sailboats, and for people who wanted to learn to sail but didn’t know where to start. That all changed when Lenny Shabes, a charter operator in Marina del Rey, CA, decided to found the ASA. Frustrated with the lengthy exams he had to give everyone who asked to charter a boat, and inspired by the certification agencies of countries such as France, Canada, and Germany, …

ASA Launches Fan Appreciation Sweepstakes on Facebook

By: American Sailing Association, Social Media

Our fans are the best, and they deserve the best. That’s why ASA is launching our Fan Appreciation Sweepstakes on Facebook, to reward and grow our wonderful and lively community. Whether you’ve been following us for years, or you didn’t even know we had a Facebook page, you can enter for a chance to win our great prizes, including: TWO GRAND PRIZES: -Apple iPod Touch 8G -$250 toward sailing lessons at an ASA sailing school PLUS PLENTY OF OTHER CHANCES TO WIN: -Weems & Plath Nav Kit -Sailcloth Cooler Bag from Sailor Bags -ASA t-shirts How do you enter? It’s …