Why Sailing School Makes Sense

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I didn’t grow up on a boat.  I had been to the ocean and watched sailboats from the beach and I was intrigued.  It wasn’t until I had a job and a few responsibilities that I was able to take the plunge and buy a Catalina 27. I didn’t know how to sail, but I owned a boat.  My children, their sailing story is different. They grew up with the Pacific Ocean as their playground. Everybody has a different sailing story but it all starts with a passion for the water and good sailing instruction.  The American Sailing Association aims …

How Much Sailboat Do I Need?

How Much Sailboat Do I Need?

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Okay, you’ve checked out of 101, 103 & 104 and the sailing fever is still burning strong. You need to either check into a hospital or buy your first boat – you choose the latter. But what kind should you get? The magazines and websites have you drooling over boats that have tempted you with their sex appeal or indestructible capabilities and you are leaning in every direction.

Top 5 Things To Check Out While Cruising St. Martin!

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In anticipation of the upcoming flotilla sailing charter vacation in St .Martin on November 13-22 we bring you – the top five cool things about sailing in this awesome Caribbean cruising ground, known as the The Renaissance Islands. Check out the mud baths at Tintamarre Island! They’re about 100-feet inland and said to have magical regenerative properties! Pack mud all over your body, including your hair and soon enough you will have skin soft as a newborn baby. Don’t forget to wash it off before you leave though or you’ll scare the Bejesus out of the rest of the world with your …

Featured Charter Destination: British Virgin Islands

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This article originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of ASA’s Sailing With Style. by Captain Valerie Weingrad, ASA Certified Instructor (For a list of ASA affiliated sailing schools and charter companies in the BVIs, click here.) The British Virgin Islands (or BVIs) are located at the high point of the curving archipelago that swings from Florida to Trinidad. With their steady trade winds and numerous sheltered harbors they are a center for sea routes to every point of the compass, providing a great stopping off point in the trade lines between Europe and the riches of South America. They …

How Not to Dock Your Boat

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If only these people had taken the American Sailing Association’s Docking Endorsement. We’ll teach you everything from the physics of docking to how to step on and off the boat without falling in the water. (Hint #1: Don’t try to jump over the lifelines.) Most of all, we’ll give you a lot of practice and make sure you feel SAFE and CONFIDENT when leaving the dock and coming back. Ask your local sailing school about the ASA Docking Endorsement (118). It sure beats the alternative. A few years ago I was on a boat setting sail on a major ocean …

Zen 24 electric sailboat demonstrations with Yoh Aoki

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The Zen 24, a new electric auxiliary inboard sailboat designed in Japan by legendary circumnavigator Yoh Aoki, will be on display and available for demonstration cruises in California this September, and then will participate in the ASA Southern California Flotilla to Catalina, Dana Point, Newport Beach, and Long Beach. Come check out this beautiful, environmentally-friendly new boat! Here are the dates and locations for the demonstrations: September 8-9: Marina del Rey, CA (Los Angeles) September 17-19: Marina del Rey, CA (Los Angeles) September 23-25: Redwood City, CA (Bay Area) For more information on the boat and the demonstrations, visit the Zen …