Exploring the Chesapeake Bay

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Exploring the Chesapeake Bay During the Arabella Cruise By Gwen Mayes American Sailing has partnered with the Manhattan Yacht Club to offer charter cruises on Arabella.  This Week ASA Members are on Arabella cruising the Chesapeake Bay. Aboard the vessel is Gwen Mayes, a writer and local expert who is lending her expertise and local knowledge to the voyage. She has put together this exploratory guide to the region for all ASA Members. The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States; the third largest in the world.  It runs nearly 200 miles long and including all its …

Ready to Bareboat Charter in the BVI?

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Getting aboard your bareboat charter is the goal when you get your ASA sailing certifications. Where do you begin? For many, it is a sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands so we decided to share a couple of itineraries with you to help in your planning process. If you are ready to charter a bareboat excursion, this is a good way to start. If you are thinking about expanding your sailing knowledge and need a carrot dangled out in front of you, this is it.  Typical sailors who have taken ASA 101, ASA 103, and ASA 104 begin thinking …

Considering a Catamaran Charter? Know The Language

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If you are considering a charter there is a good chance you’ll be thinking about a catamaran for your sailing vacation. While you should pick up ASA’s Cruising Catamarans Made Easy or consider taking ASA 114, Cruising Catamaran, you might want to brush up on the vocabulary that is specific to catamarans. If you feel like you need a major refresher on boat terms, check out our piece on Sailing Terms Everyone Should Know.

Chartering in Europe?

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One of the coolest things about sailing is the access it provides to some of the most amazing places the planet has to offer. Although plenty of these places are right here in the United States, many of us crave destinations far far away, and making that possible is a big part of what the American Sailing Association is all about. Chartering overseas is on the bucket list of many a sailor, but making it happen comes with a stipulation or two. A sizable number of countries require an International Proficiency Certificate that lets them know the charterer is trained, …

Can We Charter This Summer?

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You can taste summer in the air and the idea of a long-deserved vacation is in the back of your mind. So, assuming it is safe to travel, have you begun to figure out where you will go? Wait, is it safe to travel this summer?  Can we charter a boat this summer? Where do we find out this information? Yes, first things first. Let’s figure out if we can safely go sailing in places other than where we currently reside.   Things You Must Accept: You will need to get tested before you arrive at any international destination. You will …

Sailing Destination: Italy’s Amalfi Coast

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It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it. I’ve just returned from a week of cruising on the Amalfi Coast, a region of southern Italy known for its stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, delicious seafood and the local speciality liquer–Limoncello. Though my trip was in late March, the tourist (and sailing) season doesn’t really get cranked up until mid-April. However, from my base in the cliffside town of Positano (pictured at left) I got to experience first-hand the rich maritime history of this region, and scout out the must-see destinations for a cruiser or charterer. Positano’s relationship …

BVI Trip Report: Sailing Arabella

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UPDATE: A year ago we sailed the British Virgin Islands with ASA members aboard Sailing Yacht Arabella. ASA has a charter partnership agreement with the Manhattan Yacht Club that allows our members and guests to experience sailing aboard this majestic vessel. For obvious reasons, we can’ be on her today but soon we will all be back on her deck, smiling and sailing! We are announcing a 2021 date for a Grand Tour of New England aboard Arabella. Join ASA members as we visit Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Cuttyhunk during Labor Day weekend. See highlights from the 2019 Grand Tour …

Where To Sail in 2021

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Once It’s Safe To Travel, Where You Should Go I’m going big.  I am going to compile my bucket list of sailing destinations and start checking them off. If we have learned anything during this pandemic it is to stop putting things off. The time is now to make plans for the immediate future. What have we been waiting for? By the end of the COVID-19 crisis we will all have been sailing in circles for a year so naturally, we will be in dire need of an escape. We will need a destination to look forward to.   When the …