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April Photo of the Month: Spring Launch

asa logoIt is a tradition that, like the changing of the seasons and the imminent filing of tax returns, is an inevitable part of the circle of life. I’m talking, of course, about our monthly Sailing Photo Contest on ASA social media. The best amateur sailing snapshots coming pouring in to our Facebook page from around the world and our online community elects one among them to stand above all the others. I receive entries and votes via Twitter, email, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days I get a telegraph.

Votes come in from all of these methods too (well, not telegraph), but most of the votes are cast by the time-honored ritual of clicking the “like” button on Facebook. Did you have a chance to vote this month? If not, make sure you’re a fan of our Facebook page so you won’t miss out next time. We’re all about the sailing lifestyle, and we always want to hear new voices and perspectives.

Without further ado, I present the top entries from April’s “Spring Launch” photo contest:


Terry Keller submitted this frigid-looking photograph of a very determined sailor launching his boat on California’s Lake Tahoe. He says: “She’s a ’68 Oday 23, breaking through about 2 ” of ice. Only a couple hundred more yards to go till clear water!” Our voters were clearly impressed with the fortitude and passion for sailing required for Terry to launch his sailing season no matter what the conditions, and by the swath of destruction in his wake! Congratulations Terry, you’ve earned publication here and in the American Sailing Association “Sailing with Style” E-Newsletter.
april winner


It came right down to the wire, and the votes cast by unconventional methods (email, Twitter) made the difference. Derek Hath’s photo of the “fleet at RC44 in San Diego taking off on fleet race 2, Saturday 03/06/2011,” finished a strong second.
april runner up


How can you say no to the beagle? This photo was submitted by Randy Crawford.
editor's choice april

You can view the full album of contestants by clicking here.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted this month, and of course to all the voters. Keep a weather-eye out for our next contest!

January Photo of the Month: Holiday Edition

Christmas only comes once a year, but our monthly Facebook photo contest is always right around the corner. This time our theme (as chosen by you) was “Holidays on a Boat.” From the many great submissions via Facebook, Twitter and email, one was voted the best by the discerning ASA readership. (You can view the full album of entries here.)

This is the boat that just can’t seem to STOP winning things. This was SailTime Channel Islands’ WINNING entry in the Parade of Lights – Over 30′ sailboat in the commercial division. Not to mention they’ve won 3 years in a row! Photo by STCI member Randy Bush, submitted by Chris Tucker.

This charming scene was captured by Lisa Batchelor Frailey, who describes it thusly: “On the Kent-Avon Canal, Semington, UK. What a cozy place to spend Christmas! The most wonderful pub is just up the path…” Sounds good to me!

One of these pictures was not like the others, so I have to give a nod to our “most magical” entry, from Janet Gunn via her brother Wayne.

We hope you enjoyed these and we’d love for you to come join the conversation with us on Facebook and Twitter!

December Photo of the Month: “Animals Onboard”

In our search for the December Photo of the Month (theme: “Animals Onboard”) we encountered hitch-hiking egrets and feral minks, stuffed bilge rats, and some unlucky fish who found themselves above water. More than anything, we learned that the world has a lot of sailing dogs. (Seadogs?)

One photo emerged as the favorite of our Facebook fans.

This eager pair is waiting for Mom & Dad to come home from shopping (and wearing their life jackets) in Salt Springs, B.C.

Congratulations to Mary Jayne Stevens, who submitted this photo, which will be published in the December ASA E-Newsletter!

Runner-up went to this photo of Nessie submitted by ASA Writer-at-large Meghan Cleary. (Hey, is this contest rigged??)

Lastly, my Editor’s Choice Award goes to Huey aboard Respite, sent in by Leila Mureebe, because it’s not every day you see a tongue like that.

Click here to view the full gallery of seafaring animals, and don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page if you haven’t already!

Thanks to everyone who submitted and stay tuned for next month’s contest theme!

August Photo of the Month

We had our first Photo of the Month competition on Facebook last week. The above photo of the grand yacht Whisper, submitted by George Bekris, won with the most “likes” from fans. Fans voted on their favorites, and the race was close; the following three tied for second place with only one vote less than the winner:

I find it telling that all four of these top photos showcase similar aspects of sailing–sleek lines, grand beauty, movement. The winner will be showcased as the Photo of the Month in this month’s Sailing With Style e-newsletter, and next month we’ll be hosting another competition with a different theme. It could be photos of pets on boats, it could be the best anchorages, it could be small boats–I’m open to suggestions! What do you want to see as the theme for our next sailing Photo of the Month competition?