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Your Photo Could Be On the Cover of Our New Book!

bcme photoIn 2014, ASA will release Bareboat Cruising Made Easy, the latest in our line of cutting-edge sailing books. But before the book can be published, we need to find the perfect cover photo.

We’re leaving no stone unturned in the search for the best photos depicting the bareboat cruising lifestyle, and we want our members & fans to be in on the fun! We have room for one outstanding photo on the front cover and several photos on the back cover. Do you have a fantastic charter photo that you’d like to see grace BCME? Then send it our way, and you never know what could happen!

Should your photo be chosen for the front or back cover, you’ll receive photo credit, a free copy of the book, and your work will be immortalized on a book that thousands and thousands of sailors will use!

Some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Vertical shots preferred (horizontal may work, though)
  • Should depict the fun lifestyle of bareboat chartering
  • Should feature a sailboat
  • People having fun in the shot strongly preferred
  • You must own the photo or have the right to give it to us (See official rules below for details)
  • High resolution, preferably portrait size (Minimum 2 MB file size)

If you have a great chartering photo that fits this description, it could be the one we’re looking for.

Two ways to submit:

Email your photo to bmiller AT asa DOT com.

Post your photo on our Facebook page.

About the books:

ASA’s series of instructional sailing books set the industry standard. The series begins with Sailing Made Easy, the accompanying text to our ASA 101 Basic Sailing course, and continues with Coastal Cruising Made Easy, which addresses more advanced navigation and sailing skills from ASA 103. These books were called “best in class” by Sailing Magazine and are some of the most popular sailing guides on the market.

Bareboat Cruising Made Easy will accompany ASA 104, one of our most in-demand courses. ASA 104 is the Bareboat Cruising certification level, a credential that is recognized around the world and allows you to skipper your own charter boat. For many sailors, a bareboat charter in the Caribbean or Mediterranean is the ultimate sailing goal, and ASA 104 is a big step toward making it happen.


How to enter: Post a photo on the American Sailing Association’s Facebook timeline with a brief description. Or, email your photo to bm@asa.com.

Multiple submissions are allowed.

By submitting a photograph to ASA for the purpose of the cover photo search for Bareboat Cruising Made Easy, you agree to the following:

In consideration of my engagement as a model and/or photographer I do hereby voluntarily authorize and give permission to THE AMERICAN SAILING ASSOCIATION to the exclusive use of: photographs, video and digital reproductions in any form of my person or personal property. In submitting my photography, I certify that I have the right to grant, and do grant, THE AMERICAN SAILING ASSOCIATION permission to reproduce and use it in perpetuity.

They will be used for the promotion of THE AMERICAN SAILING ASSOCIATION and FINDMYCHARTER.COM. Uses include, but are not limited to: books, ads, brochures, publications, media broadcasts, the ASA website, and educational materials.

Through entering the ASA 30th Anniversary Photo Contest, I hereby grant, release and assign to THE AMERICAN SAILING ASSOCIATION any and all claims of right whatsoever in and to all photographs or printed materials of the undersigned.

I hereby give all clearances, copyright and otherwise, for use of my likeness and the likeness of any person depicted in the photograph submitted, in ASA promotional materials. I expressly release and indemnify AMERICAN SAILING ASSOCIATION and its officers, employees, agents and designees from any and all claims known and unknown arising out of or in any way connected with the above granted uses and representations.

Enter our 30th Anniversary Photo Contest, win prizes!

In the month of March, we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary by gathering great sailing photos from our members and fans! If you’ve got a great sailing photo from the last 30 years, we want to see it. Submissions are open through March 30th, and shortly thereafter we’ll begin selecting winners!

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

-Best Action Sailing Photo
-Best Photo Depicting the ASA Logo
-Best Sailing Lifestyle Photo

If you’ve got a great sailing photo that doesn’t fit one of those categories, submit it anyway! You never know, we might make a special category just for you!

You can enter your photos by posting them on our Facebook timeline , sending them via Twitter, or by email. Please include a brief description of the photo when you submit it. At the end of March winners will be decided by a combination of popular vote and editorial panel. Now, let’s see what you’ve got!

Read the official terms and conditions here.

Sailing Season 2011 Photo Contest Winners

After a long hiatus from Facebook photo contests, we’ve returned with a vengeance! This time our theme was “Sailing Season 2011” — whatever or wherever that means to you! We had photos from all over the US and the Caribbean, showcasing everything from sails glowing white against vast blue skies to the Statue of Liberty in silhouette to parrot skippers (yes, you read that right). And we had A LOT of sunsets. In the end, we also had a clear winner, decided by a vote of our Facebook fans.


This photo, submitted by Melissa Nicholson, was probably chosen as much for its message as for its artistry. Here’s Melissa’s description: “The best part of sailing season 2011 was introducing my granddaughter to sailing.” We at ASA are proud to support and promote young people getting involved in sailing, and by the looks of it, having a great time. Congratulations, Melissa! This photo will appear in the January edition of ASA’s Sailing with Style e-newsletter.


Second in the voting was this shot by Black Rock Sailing School, an ASA affiliate in Boston, MA. Their caption: “A very tired mate catches some rest under the dodger in the BVI. Must have been the hike through The Baths.” Another youngster out sailing! We’re sensing a theme here…


This is the part where I get to choose my favorite! This was a very tough choice, but it has to go to Cameron Sarik’s photo of the parrot Phoenix taking the helm on the Potomac River. I wonder what level he’s certified to?

Remember, you can find the full gallery of entries here, and there are some great ones that didn’t make it into the top three! We always welcome sailing photos posted to our Facebook page, so come visit us and check out what’s going on. Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted this month! Happy holidays!

July Photo of the Month: Sailing Dads

Father’s Day has come and gone, and this month in honor of those brave patriarchs who plough the seas, our photo contest on Facebook and Twitter had the theme “Sailing Dads.” We got at least three generations’ worth of entries: ranging from tattered old black and white shots from the 1940s to present day father/daughter sailing tandems.


As a matter of fact, it was one of those Father/Daughter combos that took home our top prize, publication in ASA’s Sailing With Style e-newsletter. Submitter Dennis McLeroy gave this description: “Megan and I, out of Ventura, CA.” Congratulations to you both!
july winner


Another favorite of our voting fans on Facebook was this classic, historic shot provided by Dana Ash. She says, “I’ve always liked this picture of my dad sailing a cat boat on the lagoon where I grew up (c. 1946).”
july runner up


I’m choosing to recognize the following photo by Meghan Conroy because of the heartfelt story that accompanied it. “My dad fulfilled his lifelong dream of buying a sailboat about eight years ago and our Cape Dory, Changing Channels, has been his pride and joy ever since. It is his goal to sail Changing Channels to Charleston when we move there in three years. Thanks for everything, dad! I know you can do it!”

Meghan, be sure to let us know when your Dad makes that sail down to Charleston!
editors choice

Thanks to all of our participants and voters! Stay tuned to ASA social media for fun contest, giveaways, sweepstakes, and more in the future.

May Photo of the Month Winners: First Time Sailors & Skippers

question markYour votes on Facebook and Twitter decided our Sailing Photo of the Month contest yet again. The theme was “First Time Sailors & Skippers,” and we got some great shots of folks learning to sail or taking charge of a vessel for the first time. We were especially happy to see how many of these pictures featured people who appeared to be having a great time during an ASA course from one of our many sailing schools. Here’s how it shook out in the end:


Tamara Weaver Knowles posted the winning entry, with the caption, “First Time Skipper is hard work :).” Looks like a hard life, indeed. Congratulations, Tamara, your photo will be published in the American Sailing Association’s “Sailing With Style” Newsletter.
contest winner may


Coming in with a strong second place finish was this dynamic image submitted by Janet Gunn, with the photo by (and of) her brother Wayne Gunn. Here’s Janet’s description: “My brother & I bought a sailboat together in 2006. We took a class on Lake Michigan that spring. Here he’s first time at the helm & captured the scene! Very proud that day, he was.”
may runner up


Finally, a nod to this beautiful wooden boat and the good safety techniques practiced by man and canine alike. Jamie Holloway, who sent us this photo, gave this description: “First time sailor Roma, 3 1/2 year old Weimaraner, and newby skipper Jamie, sailing Seattle’s favorite wooden boat (Blanchard knockabout), on South Lake Union (Center of Wooden Boats), April 24th 2011. Roma loved it and she is whispering that she wants back out on the water.”

Huge thanks to all of our voters and our excellent photographers! View the entire album of entries here, and join in on the fun by becoming a fan of ASA on Facebook!

Upcoming Photo Contest Theme

learning to sailAs you may be aware, each month we have a friendly competition on Facebook to determine the sailing photo of the month. To enter the competition, all you have to do is “like” our Facebook page and post your picture on our wall with a short description. You can also tweet it to us or even email it if you need to.

These photo contests also have themes. In the past we’ve done, “Your Best Day on a Boat,” “Sailing Pets,” “Winter Sailing” and more. I’m very excited about this month’s theme, which is:

First Time Sailors/Skippers

We know there are a lot of great pictures out there of people going sailing or learning to sail for the first time. (Extra kudos if the picture is from an ASA course!) And we want to include as many people as possible, so please also share pictures of yourself or a friend skippering a boat for the first time. This is all about sharing the excitement of learning to sail with the American Sailing Association.

Please note, I’ll be away on vacation through April 22, so the contest will commence after I return. Take the time between now and then to look through your pictures, or even better, to take new ones! Happy sailing and I can’t wait to see your snapshots. –Ben

March Photo of the Month: Your Most Relaxing Day on a Boat

Well, I thought we had a barn burner last month, but this month’s Facebook sailing photo contest required an unprecedented “run-off vote” to determine a winner. The theme was “Your Most Relaxing Day on a Boat” and we had a huge crop of entries, most of which featured people taking semi-comatose siestas on the decks of their boats in all sorts of locations, both exotic and close to home.

As the scheduled voting period ended, the race between the leaders was too close to call. It came down to a case of “Mother and Child” vs. “Man and his Best Friend.” But in the end, we had a clear winner, which will be published in the ASA Sailing With Style E-Newsletter. Thanks, as always, to everyone who submitted their wonderful photography and to all of you who voted!


Maria Cox Sheridan submitted this winning entry: “My son and I relaxing on the Chesapeake Bay, after returning from a 10-month cruise to The Bahamas.” Some of our readers added their own commentary. “A child on a boat with his Mom…a future sailor and memories being made!” And: “The composition is nice…The entire effect is sweet, warm and relaxing.”
March photo winner


Rob Webb’s portrait of an easy-going day on the water with a barbeque and a trusty canine friend came near to victory. I don’t think anyone would mind trading places with him in this shot.
march runner up


Bill Lindsay’s submission, “A lazy afternoon on the Nile,” earns my nod this month not only because of its relevance to current events, but because it’s different than anything else we received. As one reader put it, “Definitely out of the box for ASA.”
march editor's choice

You can view the full album of relaxing photographs here. And be sure to “like” our Facebook page, if you haven’t already, so that you don’t miss out on all the cool stuff we’re doing.

February Photo of the Month Winners

This month’s photo contest on Facebook was one of the most closely contested we’ve ever had. With 30 entries for the theme “Cold, Foul Weather, or Winter Sailing,” we had everything from folks breaking ice and sailing on Northern lakes to people sunning themselves in the Florida Keys. We even had a pair of wooden “gutter racers” and a shot of somebody’s hot tub (where they’ll be safely ensconced until spring). Click here to view the entire album. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed, and without further ado, we present the winners:


Even though this photograph, simultaneously dramatic and peaceful, garnered a staggering number of votes, it was barely enough. Congratulations to Sum Chan for besting a strong field and earning publication here and in ASA’s “Sailing with Style” E-Newsletter. Here is the photographer’s description: “Chasing the Sun on Santa Monica Bay – it may not be an easy decision on a cold (relatively speaking in SoCal) cloudy day whether to chase the wind or the sun. Models: Anya Essiounina and Hunter 310.”
winning photo


This shot was not far behind. Our good friends at SailTime once again stuffed the ballot box showed their enthusiasm for the sailing lifestyle with this cheerful, but chilly, entry submitted by Laura Chapin: “San Francisco to Half Moon Bay on a SailTime boat…oh what fun!” Thanks Laura, and congrats on getting so close to 1st place!
runner up


This month I want to recognize the two entries that came the furthest to join us. First, this majestic double-rainbow is courtesy of Dick and Karen, crew of the catamaran Butterfly, currently cruising the Caribbean. Not only did they take time out of their busy cruising schedule to send these, but WOW! IT’S A DOUBLE RAINBOW! ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY! You can follow Dick and Karen’s adventures, complete with some great photography, on their blog.

We also have this terrific “driving the boat” shot submitted by Esra Arikan all the way from Turkey. The photo is of winter sailing in the Marmara Sea! Click the photos to enlarge.

marmara sea