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Photos from ASA’s 2011 Exuma Islands Flotilla, Bahamas

Enjoy this selection of excellent photos from ASA’s 2011 Exuma Islands flotilla, thanks to member Carole Walsh. This remote series of cays, known locally as the “Out Islands,” are one of our many popular flotilla destinations. It’s a very unique trip–you learn to sail small boats, camp on the beaches at night, and hang out with the local wildlife (see below). The folks on this trip earned their ASA 110 “Basic Small Boat Sailing” certifications, by the way, handling the gorgeous Sea Pearl 21 boats.

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Scouting out the Out Islands!

charter checkout
Flotilla leader Dallas Knowles explains the unique Sea Pearl 21 sailboat. This will be the sailors' floating home for the week.

sea pearl sailing
The Sea Pearls in action.

farmers cay po
The festive looking P.O. on Farmers Cay!

A local.

Some more island residents. Everyone's so friendly!

sailboat sunset
Carib looking good in the evening.

foot in water
Wouldn't you like to dip your toe in that tropical water?

The whole gang looking tanned and happy at trip's end!

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The Flavor of Coastal Mexico

Something a little different from our friends Meghan and Prescott aboard S/V Velella this week. This photo blog gives a slice of the amazing places they’ve encountered as they explore the tiny pueblos of Mexico’s west coast, away from the burgeoning tourist hubs. These are places best (and sometimes only) seen by sailboat. See more on ASA’s Flickr stream!

mural in barra de navidad
(Translation: OUR HISTORY. The town was known by various names, such as the Port of Xalisco, the Port of Juan Gallego, Purification Port, the Port of the Holy Spirit, and the Port of Cihuatlan, until the year 1541 when the Viceroy of New Spain (Mexico), Don Antonio de Mendoza, arrived on the 25th of December. It was given the name Barra de Natividad or Barra de Navidad (Port Christmas) to commemorate the arrival of the Viceroy.)

Streets of Chacala
Wall art
Wall art in the best taco shop in San Blas
nessie and rockfish
Nessie is very interested in a rockfish
prescott waterfall
Prescott at the foot of one of the Yelapa waterfalls
Swimming in Ensenada de Carrizal

Now doesn’t that look like fun? ASA has a number of adventurous flotillas coming up in 2011, not to mention all of our fabulous sailing schools around the world, to help you get out there and live the dream too.