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Should You Wear A PFD?

By: Equipment, Safety

The question that is asked most often when going on a daysail has to be: Should I wear a lifejacket? The answer is YES, you should wear a life jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD)  while sailing.  Is the answer clear? The data suggest that drowning is the leading cause of death aboard vessels.  An overwhelming majority of these victims were not wearing life jackets. Capsizing and falling overboard are leading causes for boaters unexpectedly entering the water. Increasing the proper use of lifejackets can lessen the chances of drowning. PFD -Personal Flotation Device It is a simple statement but …

Essential sailing gear for the day sailor and cruiser

By: Equipment

There are many ways to go sailing, from relaxing day sails and low-stakes racing to long-term cruising and adventurous offshore passages, but some things never change. The wind and seas are just as they were thousands of years ago, and still present the same opportunities and challenges. The only difference is that these days we have much better sailing gear to help us along! Just as sailboat technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, so have the personal items that improve the sailing experience. Here is some essential sailing gear every mariner can use, no matter what their ambition. Like …