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Famous Sailors Isler and Dickson Battle for Record in ASA’s Sailing Challenge Game

On the heels of our announcement that America’s Cup veteran and legendary sailor Peter Isler has set a time record on ASA’s Sailing Challenge phone game, now another heavy-weight sailor has gotten into the mix and beat Isler’s time! Scott Dickson, match-racing champion, has hit the virtual racetrack and found a groove. Like his consistently stellar track record in the Congressional Cup, Dickson has taken his top-level match-racing skill set to the Sailing Challenge game and raised the bar. Isler and Dickson have been teammates in match races, inshore regattas and offshore events… but when it comes to the Sailing Challenge game they describe themselves as mortal frenemies! The ultra-competitive Isler will have something to say about this – you can bet on it. Set your own record time – Download Now ⟩⟩

We’re going to keep track as the competition progresses…

news-2016-10-avatar-peter-isler My name is Peter Isler and I set the new record at 1m 51s
Scotty Dickson here, I just did a 1m 49s news-2016-10-avatar-scotty-dickson
news-2016-10-avatar-peter-isler Really?? Game on!
news-2016-10-avatar-peter-isler 1 minute and… (wait for it) 48 seconds!
I just clocked a 1m 47s news-2016-10-avatar-scotty-dickson
Just shaved off a second to score 1m 46s news-2016-10-avatar-scotty-dickson
news-2016-10-avatar-peter-isler Good job! But 1m 42s is the new time to beat!

We call on all the sailing greats to get involved! Coutts? Spithill? Barker? What are you doing? Let’s make this interesting!

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Peter Isler, Sailing Challenge App

Peter Isler, America’s Cup Sailor, Sets New Record

We’re happy to announce that ASA’s latest venture, the Sailing Challenge, an interactive mobile game that simultaneously drills learning concepts and entertains, is becoming quite popular! Over ten-thousand apps have been downloaded, and an update with new and improved features will soon be on the way. Download Now ⟩⟩

One of the elements that has users coming back for more is the compulsion to post a faster score on the timed-sail part of the app. After going through the many drill modules, it’s nice to just take a virtual sail and hone the skill-set. Waiting on a line at the post office was never so fun!

And don’t think Sailing Challenge is just for newbs and novices, the current record holder for time around the course is none other than five-time America’s Cup sailor Peter Isler. If it has to do with sailing Peter will master it, including this mobile game.

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Rambler capsizes in Fastnet Race with ASA co-founder Peter Isler onboard

rambler capsizedDuring last week’s Fastnet Race in the Irish Sea, the yacht Rambler, which Sailing World called “the most advanced, powerful monohull race boat in the world,” capsized after its keel broke off. On board was ASA co-founder Peter Isler, Rambler’s navigator. In our latest e-newsletter, we reported on Rambler’s record-breaking performance in the Transatlantic Race. Now, Peter Isler describes a very different experience in detail.

According to his account, it was “a nice, nasty day on the Irish Sea,” with low visibility and the sea stacking up. He went on to describe how, though no one is quite sure why the boat failed to hold together, Rambler “pushes the limits.”

“There was an earth-shattering bang…and the keel broke off. The heel of the boat changed immediately.” Rambler went over on its side. Isler said it was lucky that only a few crew members were in their bunks, with the rest on deck in their life jackets and foul weather gear. Isler attempted to make a mayday call from the ship’s main radio, and received no response. As he was making another mayday call with a handheld VHF radio belowdecks, the boat turtled entirely. “I thought it was going to stay on its side,” he said.

Now Isler was faced with a harrowing swim, in frigid waters and wearing full foul weather gear and sea boots, from the hatch of the boat, under the lifelines and back to the surface. “I didn’t think I was going to make it, honestly. I didn’t pop up like you do in your skivvies…I was coming up like a sea-anchor.”

The crew huddled together for 3 hours before they were rescued, some of them fully clothed and others in nothing but long underwear. At least one member of the crew was hospitalized for hypothermia afterwards. The wait for rescue was agonizing: “Leopard went by maddeningly close, but of course, no one knew. The Volvo 70s went by…” The 21-person crew of Rambler was finally rescued by a volunteer Irish lifeboat service after dark when the lifeboat crew spotted their flashlights.

When asked how this compared to winning a race (Isler is a two-time America’s Cup champion, among many other victories), he said, “This is way better, having everyone together and everyone survive.”

On whether this experience would have a long term effect on the experienced open-ocean racers of Rambler’s crew: “Oh, yeah. It was eye opening. The lessons are: A. Wear your lifejacket. B. Stay with the boat. C. If you can’t stay with the boat, stay together.”

After several attempts, Rambler was finally righted and towed back to port without her mast or rigging. Isler said there was damage from an electrical fire, and obviously the keel was missing. What’s next for this cutting edge boat? That is yet to be decided.

You can listen to Peter Isler’s full, candid, and engrossing interview here.