Free Sailing Content From ASA

By: Elearn, Learn To Sail

Most of us sailors are sitting at our desks attempting to work while fantasizing about sailing. The weekend can’t come soon enough and that bareboat charter vacation is still just a dream. Don’t fantasize about sailing, do something about it! Let’s learn something about sailing instead. The American Sailing Association has a series of free videos with tips and instructions to help you work on your sailing education when you can’t get to the water.

Interactive Media Classes (Online Learning)

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It’s no secret that the COVID-19 crisis has changed all of our lives forever and the sailing world is no different. From closed marinas to social distancing on sailboats, ASA has begun to re-examine what the new normal will look like once we are all allowed to go back to our daily routines. One thing that ASA did learn is that there is a need for online courses in the form of interactive online instruction. While study at home courses were already being utilized by some sailing schools the need for a bonafide online course alternative has been realized and …

Inside Sailing with Peter Isler

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The American Sailing Association has always worked to get more sailors out on the water in a safe and confident manner. An ASA sailing education builds upon your skills and culminates in your ability to take on a bareboat charter or a day sail with complete confidence that you can sail a boat and keep your vessel and crew safe.  With the Inside Sailing series with Peter Isler, ASA is helping sailors build upon sailing certifications with the details that fill in the gaps in your sailing education with information about the sailing world that is not always covered in …

Get Your Sailing Dream Started Online

By: Elearn

Sailors often have to patiently wait out the capricious winds, tides, and storms, but there is one sailing ground where the conditions are always perfect: the Internet. ASA offers online sailing lessons to get first-timers, or those who need a refresher, up to speed in advance of an outing on the water! Of course, getting outside with the wind and waves is always preferable to getting in front of a computer, but ASA’s online sailing lessons can help you prepare for that first trip out, and give you something useful to do when real sailing just isn’t possible! Our online …