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Young Sailors: Are You an “Ocean Hero”?

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Young sailors, your sailing education is not just about learning to read charts and pull lines. Your generation faces a whole new set of challenges on par with the great explorers of ancient times. Unfathomably widespread plastic, fisheries collapse, water pollution… the list of problems facing the ocean continues to grow. The mistakes of the past are not your fault, but there is hope: you can be part of the solutions of the future!

Oil be d#$ned, sailors sail on!

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Emerald Coast Yachts is located in Pensacola Florida, one of the coastal communities closest to the Gulf oil spill. But what started out as a horrible summer turned out to be . . . not so bad. Emerald Coast Yachts’ Peggy Van Sleen wrote to ASA to share the pictures from their recent children’s sailing camp hosted by the Pensacola Beach Yacht Club. She says, “Everyone was thrilled to be on the water again–these kids are used to swimming every day, either in the pool or in the Gulf. But because of the oil, this was the first time most …