Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Preparedness Resources

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UPDATE: As if we did not have enough to concern ourselves with, hurricane season is upon us. During a Pandemic the weather is still a major factor to consider when planning a sail, a passage or a sailing vacation.  COVID-19 has everyone on alert so be sure to utilize these resources if you plan on sailing in hurricane prone waters. As sailors, hurricane season is always in the back of our minds. There is no escaping the threat that we all feel both personally and tangentially when our friends and associates are in the path of these massive storms. No …

Weathering Earl in the British Virgin Islands

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Many of you have been lucky enough to learn to sail, cruise or charter in the British Virgin Islands. Here is an update from Pat Nolan who owns and operates Sistership Sailing School on Tortola after recently weathering hurricane Earl: Location, location, location. That real estate mantra also applies to hurricane survival (followed closely by preparation, preparation, preparation). Having just come through the very large, very powerful category 4 hurricane Earl in the BVI, I can say that both location and preparation are key to minimizing damage. Lucky for us the eye of the storm passed about 30 miles north …