Spotlight on Sailing in New York

By: Schools

The Bronx is up, and the Battery’s down. But in the great state of New York, there’s sailing in every direction. While perhaps not as strongly associated with sailing culture as some of the nearby Eastern seaboard states, New York is actually a huge sailing destination, offering a ton of variety. Just pick the kind of sailing you’re into (Open ocean? Wide bay? Serene rivers and lakes?) and then find an ASA sailing school nearby!

This Week in Sailing History

By: American Sailing Association, Social Media

There’s something about the first week of August. All sorts of notable events in sailing history took place this week, and here’s a list of some of our favorites! Monday, August 1: American writer Herman Melville was born on this day in 1819. Melville spent his youth traveling the world aboard sailing ships, specifically Nantucket whalers, and these experiences informed all of his writing, from his debut in Typee to his masterpiece, Moby Dick. Melville was not very well appreciated during his lifetime, but Moby Dick is now recognized as one of the greatest books ever written. Tuesday, August 2: …