Sailing Rhode Island With Black Rock Sailing

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Spend a day in Newport, Rhode Island and you will be drawn to the sailing lifestyle. Black Rock Sailing has offered up a taste of what Rhode Island Sailing is all about. Why Sail Rhode Island? Rhode Island, the tiniest state in the Union, is known as the Ocean State – as it is blessed with 400 miles of coastline where you will find countless nooks and crannies, and dozens of picturesque New England harbor towns to tuck in and explore.   Narragansett Bay is a world class sailing mecca that is blessed with consistent sea breezes most afternoons and calm …

Sailing Croatia With Adriatic Sailing Academy

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An Update from Croatia The situation in Croatia is really good, it makes us very happy. Our borders are open and we are all ready to start our activities. Of course, everything will be different, but we believe and hope for a good future, and the sea and sailing are certainly the best and safest choice. – From Adriatic Sailing Academy May 19, 2020 Croatia is a sailing destination that is on many bucket lists and rightly so with its miles of coastlines and deep history. This part of the Mediterranean is home to over a thousand islands for exploring …

Sail Baja California with Go Baja Sailing

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It is possible that your vision of Baja California has an imprint of salt shakers, limes, and tequila shots. After all, the tourism board of the region has done a great job of crafting a message of fun in the sun down in Cabo San Lucas and the beer companies have tempted us with portraits of white sand beaches and cold brews. What they don’t always show you is the beauty of Baja beyond the superficial.  Onshore the stark landscape is in direct contrast to the deep blue waters and the abundance of wildlife that drew American Novelist John Steinbeck …

Sailing With Sailing Virgins

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ASA Sailing School Profile: A Closer Look at ASA Sailing School, Sailing Virgins. If you spend any time in the British Virgin Islands you’ll see Sailing Virgins shirts, hats and even flags, everywhere. So what is Sailing Virgins? Get a little insight on ASA sailing school Sailing Virgins. Learn to sail with Sail Virgins and you might readjust how you view sailing.

Featured School: The Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship

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  Aboard S/V ENCHANTMENT Island Packet 40 enroute from Bermuda to Norfolk, VA…  At precisely twelve midnight local time I shackled my safety harness onto the jackline and assumed the helm. I could barely make out Jim’s watch report as he hollered over the screeching gale which drove us so rudely on the port quarter: “Twenty-five knots, gusting to thirty-eight with ten to fifteen feet running on the port beam”. The ship’s bow plunged and shouldered ahead making sloppy seas tower above us before slicing off rivers of green water and spray which crashed aft into the pitching cockpit. The …


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This Croatian Flotilla is organized by Sea Safaris in Chicago and ASA Captian Jean “John” De Keyser and his wife “Admiral” Mila. Follow along in this three-part series as they lead the way through the three-week journey. Our first week sailing from Split to Dubrovnik behind us, it was now time to get ready for our next adventure: Dubrovnik to Kotor in Montenegro and back. Saturday morning was cleaning and turn-around time for our two yachts.  New crew members had joined us:

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands

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ASA Outstanding Instructor Greg Martin of Sail Hawaii is very familiar with the waters around the Hawaiian Islands and he regularly sails and teaches out of Oahu. Greg has contributed to a three-part story on sailing in Hawaii. A multi-day sailing adventure in Hawaii starts in Oahu and then takes you across the Kaiwi Channel to the windward neighbor islands of Molokai, Lanai, Maui or possibly the Big Island. Crossing the Kauai channel to the west is a longer blue water passage, but is possible if the conditions are right.

The Annapolis Sailing School

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When one thinks of classic yachting epicenters on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, just a handful of places come to mind. One of them is beautiful Annapolis, Maryland, known as “America’s Sailing Capital”.