Featured School: Southern Most Sailing School

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Keywest conjures up images of the Conch Republic, Jimmy Buffet, and tropical-tasting boat drinks.   The action on Duval street, the humidity, and the sweet smell of south Florida all paint a picture of a completely different kind of place.   This southernmost point in the USA is home to the Southern Most Sailing School where you can work on your sailing skills while working on your tan. This month’s Featured School, Southern Most Sailing School, explained a bit about why sailing in Key West is second to none.  Get to Know Southern Most Sailing School Where They Sail  When …

Featured School: Narragansett Sailing School

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“We suggest you only need to know five things to make a sailboat go. We can teach you those five things in an hour, and by the afternoon you are sailing the boat around the harbor knowing what you are doing. This doesn’t mean you know how to make it stop, or what the buoys mean, or which way you need to pass another boat… Those are the things we teach on day two and three of ASA 101. Some schools say they can teach you the sailing standards in two days. I think you can be exposed to it; …

Sailing in Greece With Fair Winds Sailing

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In case you didn’t know, it is common knowledge that the best way to see Greece is by boat. By sailboat to be exact. Sailing the waters off the coast of Greece as well as visiting this archipelago on your own schedule, dictated only by wind and your need for picturesque anchorages, is a sailor’s dream. The allure of the Mediterranean for a sun-splashed vacation filled with fresh seafood and crisp white wine should have a sailing component and one of ASA’s newest instructors, Dimitris Bampkos of Fair Winds Sailing Greece, is ready to show it you.

Captain Stacey Brooks on Sailing and Visiting Cuba with Sea Dog Sailing

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Cuba Libre As the wheels hit the runway in Havana, I gasped with the strong realization that I was finally fulfilling this lifetime dream. After all my years at sea around the Caribbean and the world, deep in my soul, I had always wanted to experience and sail Cuba. The largest island nation in the Caribbean sea, ironically the closest to the US, and yet I had never been there. In fact, a lot of Americans have never been there. All the more reason to go. The controversy, as well as the severe beauty and contradictions, have tugged at my …

Featured School: Perry Yacht Club

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Perry Yacht Club on Lake Perry in Meriden, Kansas ASA had a conversation with Paul Barnett from Perry Yacht Club in Meriden, Kansas, His passion for the area explains why he loves to share it with others through sailing. “I consider this to be the most spectacular view in Kansas” he explains when describing the location of Perry Yacht Club. Home to Perry Yacht Club, Perry Lake is the largest lake in Kansas. The club, on the northwestern shore, is high on a bluff overlooking a large portion of the lake. Perry Yacht Club is celebrating its 50th year this …


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This Croatian Flotilla is organized by Sea Safaris in Chicago and ASA Captian Jean “John” De Keyser and his wife “Admiral” Mila. Follow along in this three-part series as they lead the way through the three-week journey. Our first week sailing from Split to Dubrovnik behind us, it was now time to get ready for our next adventure: Dubrovnik to Kotor in Montenegro and back. Saturday morning was cleaning and turn-around time for our two yachts.  New crew members had joined us:

7 Exotic Locations To Learn To Sail

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It would seem that a sailor is always seeking the exotic in an adventure. While sailing can be the entire focus of a vacation, often learning to sail or brushing up on your sailing skills is just a fraction of your vacation time and budget. The ocean calls you and as much as you would want to spend so much time with every ripple on the sea sometimes your vacation time must be shared with those who want a bit more from their time off than just sailboats and salty hair. Just because you are accommodating your travel companions does …

The Annapolis Sailing School

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When one thinks of classic yachting epicenters on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, just a handful of places come to mind. One of them is beautiful Annapolis, Maryland, known as “America’s Sailing Capital”.