Featured Sailing School: Erie Islands Sailing School

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Erie Islands Sailing School was founded over ten years ago by Tim McKenna and purchased last year by former students Kent and Tricia Purvis.  How cool is that to have former students continue to help teach others?  The school has always been based on education, safety, and fun for our students. This Month’s Featured School is Erie Islands Sailing School Where They Sail Erie Island Sailing School is the premier sailing school for American Sailing in Lake Erie. Erie Islands offers two sailing locations, with classes out of Cleveland (Edgewater Marina) and Sandusky (Safe Harbor Sandusky). In Sandusky, introductory classes sail …

ASA Featured Instructor: Jeremiah Swetel

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Captain Jeremiah Swetel of Erie Islands Sailing is This Month’s Featured Instructor Jeremiah started his journey with boating at the age of ten in Cleveland. He has extensive experience sailing and boating in all parts of Lake Erie. Jeremiah also enjoys racing at his yacht club and sailing with friends and family. Jeremiah holds his USCG 25T Master Near Coastal license with Sailing and Towing endorsements and is certified by the American Sailing Association to teach ASA 101, 103, and 104. Captain Jeremiah Swetel is this month’s ASA Featured Instructor.

Featured Sailing School: Blue Pacific Yachting

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If learning to sail in Los Angeles is on your to-do list you can be sure that Blue Pacific Yachting can get you out on the water. Blue Pacific Yachting is located in Marina Del Rey, California and they offer a full slate of ASA courses.  Sail Santa Monica Bay or join one of their destination charters.  This Month’s Featured School is Blue Pacific Yachting Where They Sail Blue Pacific Yachting sailing destinations include Marina del Rey, Malibu, Palos Verdes, Catalina Island, and the Channel Islands. January through March is an ideal time to see migrating gray whales along the …

ASA Featured Instructor: Dimitris Bampakos

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Captain Dimitris Bampakos of Fairwinds Sailing School Corfu is This Month’s Featured Instructor If your bucket list has space for another sailing destination you should consider Greece. If you add Greece, you need to add Captain Dimitris Bampakos. His love for sailing and the ocean is only exceeded by his love for the sailing grounds of Corfu, Greece.  His passion for the ocean and sharing his knowledge of sailing are what attract new sailors to Fairwinds Sailing School in Corfu, Greece. Captain Dimitris Bampakos is this month’s ASA Featured Instructor.

Featured Sailing School: Reef Runner Sailing

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Learning to sail is a bucket list item for many people but learning to sail with your significant other is a twist on doing things to strengthen your relationship. This month’s featured school, Reef Runner Sailing does just that. A husband and wife team sharing their love of the ocean with potential cruisers.   If you ever considered leaving your life and cruising with your mate, this sailing school can help you achieve your dreams. This month’s Featured School is Reef Runner Sailing  Where They Sail Our school primarily operates out of Panama City Florida and part-time in Friendship Maine …

ASA Featured Instructor: Jeremy E. Elwell

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Captain Jeremy E. Elwell at Reef Runner Sailing School is This Month’s Featured Instructor A quick read into Captain Jeremy’s back ground and you might be motivated to leave your life, get on a boat and find a new wife.  Sailing does that to you and this month’s featured instructor is an example of the sailing lifestyle taking you in and never allowing you to leave. Captain Jeremy E. Elwell is this month’s ASA Featured Instructor.

Featured School: Marina Sailing Newport Beach

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  Marina Sailing is California’s largest sailing club. Since 1962, they have offered a welcoming environment for new sailors to learn and pursue their sailing passions. As a member, you have access to six beautiful locations maintaining a fleet of over seventy yachts. On top of that, there are thousands of members to share your passion with. The Newport Beach location has been in operation for over twenty years at the Bayside Marina.  This month’s Featured School is Marina Sailing, Newport Beach   Where They Sail Newport Beach, founded in 1906, is the pristine destination for sailors and beachcombers alike. James …

7 Exotic Locations To Learn To Sail

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It would seem that a sailor is always seeking the exotic in an adventure. While sailing can be the entire focus of a vacation, often learning to sail or brushing up on your sailing skills is just a fraction of your vacation time and budget. The ocean calls you and as much as you would want to spend so much time with every ripple on the sea sometimes your vacation time must be shared with those who want a bit more from their time off than just sailboats and salty hair. Just because you are accommodating your travel companions does …

Featured School: Modern Sailing School

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Sailing in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay is both picturesque and challenging.  Modern Sailing School & Club has been teaching in the waters of the Bay for nearly 40 years. Since 1983, Modern Sailing School & Club has been introducing people to sailing from their headquarters in Sausalito, California. Even if you have never set foot on a boat, they can teach you everything you need to know. Their goal is to ensure their students build a strong foundation in this rewarding and lifelong sport and is dedicated to making the learning experience as …