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5 Greatest Sailors of the Modern Era

We were thinking the other day about who might be some of the most influential sailors of the modern age. Beyond old-school guys like Columbus and Captain Cook, sailors don’t get a lot of run. So, at the risk of forgetting someone painfully obvious, here are the top five great sailors of modern age. Feel free to weigh in if you have a candidate you think should be on the list.

  1. Sir Peter BlakePeter Blake
    Peter Blake was a class act that died tragically at the hands of pirates back in 2001. He was an extremely accomplished open ocean racer and an America’s Cup champion but it was his passion for environmental issues that made him a special breed of sailor. He was a prominent member of the Cousteau Society and was a special envoy for the United Nations Environment Programme. It was clear Blake was making a difference through his efforts. He was regarded as a credible source who walked the walk. He had seen parts of the world very few others had and had an ability to articulate environmental concerns in a palatable way. At the time of his death he was on a mission to investigate and bring awareness to global warming and pollution.

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