Docking Made Easy Video - Fenders

Docking Made Easy: Fenders

By: Learn To Sail

Hanging fenders is something we all have to do, but new sailors might be wondering about the correct way to accomplish this common task. So, for the newbies in the house, we’ve created a simple video that demonstrates just what to do.

Docking Made Easy Video - Downwind Approach Under Sail

Docking Under Sail, The Downwind Approach

By: Learn To Sail

A good sailor must know how to dock his/her boat in all types of conditions. Although docking under sail in a downwind scenario isn’t desirable and should be avoided, there are situations that mandate such a skill. In Docking Made Easy – Downwind Under Sail, the basics of handling such a circumstance are examined. Learn the correct steps and methods to adhere to as you steer the boat into a downwind slip.