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Docking Made Easy Video - Fenders

Docking Made Easy: Fenders

Hanging fenders is something we all have to do, but new sailors might be wondering about the correct way to accomplish this common task. So, for them, we have created a simple straight-forward video that shows exactly what to do. In this tutorial we demonstrate the knots recommended for adhering fenders and the correct areas for placement. More seasoned sailors can use this video to send to beginner crew thereby getting them involved with a basic but necessary job.

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Docking Made Easy Video - Downwind Approach Under Sail

Docking Under Sail, The Downwind Approach

A good sailor must know how to dock his/her boat in all types of conditions. Although docking under sail in a downwind scenario isn’t desirable and should be avoided, there are situations that mandate such a skill. In Docking Made Easy – Downwind Under Sail, the basics of handling such a circumstance are examined. Learn the correct steps and methods to adhere to as you steer the boat into a downwind slip.

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Docking Made Easy Video - Returning Under Power

ASA “Wraps” Docking Made Easy Free Educational Video Series

ASA “Wraps” Docking Made Easy Free Educational Video Series
Fourth and Final Offering Teaches Sailors About “Returning to the Dock Under Power”

LOS ANGELES – January 4, 2017 – The American Sailing Association (ASA), America’s sail education authority, announced today that it has published the fourth and final video in its educational series, Docking Made Easy. As the title suggests, “Returning to the Dock Under Power” addresses all of the necessary and important factors to consider when returning a sailboat back to the dock under power.

Presented by Cruising World in association with Beneteau America, and available exclusively on www.asa.com, the complimentary video series features sailing legend Peter Isler using animation, illustrations and live action footage to explain the principles of docking a sailing boat under sail or under power in a variety of scenarios. All four Docking Made Easy videos, each approximately five minutes or less in duration, are based on copyright learning material contained in ASA textbooks “Sailing Made Easy” and “Basic Cruising Made Easy”.

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Docking Under Power, Part II - Departing A Slip

Docking Under Power, Part II – Departing A Slip

Today the American Sailing Association, in association with Benateau America and Cruising World magazine is releasing another instructional video in the Docking Made Easy series entitled Departing A Slip. This detailed tutorial is the second installment of a three video set that addresses the many factors of handling a keelboat under power – specifically backing the boat out of the slip. Sailing legend Peter Isler walks us through the process using animations, illustrations and live action footage.

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Docking Under Power, Part 1 – Drills

Docking Under Power, Part I – Drills

The American Sailing Association today is releasing Docking Under Power – Drills, another instructional video that is part of the Docking Made Easy educational series. This production, written and narrated by world class sailor Peter Isler, is the first of a multi-chapter series that aims to remove the anxiety of docking a sailboat under power, particularly bigger keelboats. This collection of open water drills makes clear the often misunderstood matter of prop walk and prop wash and assigns real-life, hands-on methods that will significantly aid in becoming a proficient and confident helmsman.
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