Falling in Love with Sailing, 101 Steps at a Time

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As the COVID -19 restrictions have begun to slowly be lifted sailing schools have been able to start their summer sailing seasons. ASA had Caribbean Travel Writer, Bob Curley, participate in ASA 101 with Black Rock Sailing in Rhode Island as restrictions were lifted.  Students wore masks in the classroom and on the boat. Social distancing was practiced (where possible) while taking the course.

ASA Affiliate Blue Pacific Yachting Deals with Coronavirus

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As we merge from the pandemic crisis Sailing schools across the country and around the world have had to adapt to a changing landscape. One example of how all of this is being handled calmly and effectively is at Blue Pacific Yachting, an affiliate company of Denison Yachting, owned by Robert Denison and Nereus Dastur, in Marina del Rey, CA. At this ASA Affiliate school, General Manager Mollie Perlman has prepared an inventory of facial coverings, both N95 masks and cloth scarves, brightly-colored Nitrile synthetic rubber gloves which have a higher puncture resistance than latex or vinyl, an assortment of …

Sailors and the Corona Virus

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UPDATE: Get the latest recommendations from the CDC at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/index.html We don’t have to remind you that currently the hot topic in the news is the Corona Virus (COVID-19) but we could shed some light on how we think it affects the sailing community. After all, when we get on a boat and the breeze fills the main, we feel the tug of nature on the boat and our body;  it is hard to imagine that anything can harm us. Sailing often takes us into a state of euphoria. It’s a great feeling but is that accurate? Are we safe …