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Cruising Catalina Island on a Catamaran

A Sailor Gets a Refresher Course

Peter Isler
By Peter Isler
© 2018 Isler Sailing International

In my life as a professional sailor, I log thousands of miles a year under sail and spend many days and nights afloat. But it’s all about racing – I (almost) never go “cruising”. Sure, like any sailor, I dream of heading off into the sunset (say a South Pacific sunset) with my loved ones on a beautiful wooden schooner – cast off the ties of civilization and all that good stuff. But half of my “day job” is probably pretty similar to yours – stuck behind my laptop and tethered to my cell phone – and the other half requires getting on an airplane and flying to some beautiful place to sail on some incredible boats – with some of the best racing sailors in the world. Ah, the good old treadmill.

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Spotlight on Sailing Schools in California

catalina sunsetThe name itself is a Spanish byword for “earthly paradise,” and for hundreds of years it has had an irresistible to attraction to those seeking fame, fortune, or a fresh start. We’re talking about California, of course, but you don’t have to be a gold panner or an aspiring movie star to feel at home in the Golden State–in fact, there are few better things to be than a sailor.

Why sail in California?

California is larger than many countries, so there’s an incredible variety to the landscape and weather. You’ve got the rugged beauty of NorCal, the greenery of the Central Coast, and the surfer’s paradise of the south, just to name a few. No matter what kind of sailing you’re into, there’s bound to be a spot to satisfy your needs. Not to mention the fact that, thanks to the famously clement weather, sailing season goes year round! Continue reading