Falling in Love with Sailing, 101 Steps at a Time

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As the COVID -19 restrictions have begun to slowly be lifted sailing schools have been able to start their summer sailing seasons. ASA had Caribbean Travel Writer, Bob Curley, participate in ASA 101 with Black Rock Sailing in Rhode Island as restrictions were lifted.  Students wore masks in the classroom and on the boat. Social distancing was practiced (where possible) while taking the course.

Sailing Rhode Island With Black Rock Sailing

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Spend a day in Newport, Rhode Island and you will be drawn to the sailing lifestyle. Black Rock Sailing has offered up a taste of what Rhode Island Sailing is all about. Why Sail Rhode Island? Rhode Island, the tiniest state in the Union, is known as the Ocean State – as it is blessed with 400 miles of coastline where you will find countless nooks and crannies, and dozens of picturesque New England harbor towns to tuck in and explore.   Narragansett Bay is a world class sailing mecca that is blessed with consistent sea breezes most afternoons and calm …