Getting Ready for ASA 104

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Captain Cam Seamus from Harbor Sailboats in San Diego California shared a few tips about the journey to taking ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising Made Easy and eventually going on your first Bareboat Charter Sailing Vacation. So, you’ve realized that it’s time to pursue your dream to bareboat charter – chartering boats without a licensed captain. Fortunately, the American Sailing Association has laid out three courses to help realize that dream: ASA 101, 103, and 104. Will you be ready to charter a bareboat once you finish the courses? Yes, and no. Yes, you will have the certifications that will on …

Operating a Dinghy Safely and Responsibly

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Dinghies are an integral part of sailing for the charter customer or for the cruiser who hopes to step onto shore once they reach their desired destination. However, do you know the rules and the etiquette that are the best practices with regards to dinghy use? Those sailors who have earned ASA 103 and ASA 104 certifications have learned about best practices when utilizing dinghies but it is always a good idea to brush up on what you should and should not do when operating a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RIB) or a dinghy.  Before Your Charter Begins: Inspect your dinghy. …

Bareboat Charter Checklist

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It was not that long ago that I boarded my first ever bareboat charter. The excitement with which we approached the catamaran is something I still feel today.  This was to be the greatest vacation of our lives. The top of the bucket list was going to be checked off. A bareboat charter with my family. The dream of this sailor. Yes, it was the greatest trip we had ever taken up to that point.  Our subsequent bareboat charters have surpassed our first as our favorite but the very first time on a catamaran in the Caribbean is still a …

Catamaran Sailing – What’s the Difference?

Catamaran Sailing – What’s the Difference?

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Over the last 25 years, catamarans have seen a massive rise in popularity among charterers, cruisers, and even the casual daysailor. Curious about catamaran sailing? Here’s some basic information you need to know: What is a Catamaran? A traditional sailboat is a monohull–in other words, it has only one hull centered around a heavy keel. A catamaran is balanced on two hulls, with the sails in the middle. It’s as simple as that. Depending on the size of the boat, the space separating the two hulls might be filled by a cockpit, a main cabin, and usually some netting (which …

Bareboat Charter: St. Martin Itinerary Tips

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St. Martin, Anguilla and St. Barth Sailors have long been known to frequent St. Martin for the endless beaches and combination of French and Dutch culture. Charter boat clients love the options for anchorages around the island. It’s proximity to St. Barth and Anguilla make St. Martin the perfect starting and stopping point for charter boat captains who want a different experience than what can be found in the British Virgin Islands. The Caribbean culture is more subdued and the French influence plays a role in your provisioning.

Places to See, Things To Do and the Beach Bars That Must Be Visited in the BVI

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The British Virgin Islands are a famously popular spot for bareboat charters in the Caribbean. In fact, more ASA students choose the BVI as their destination of choice than any other charter destination.  After you have obtained your ASA 104 certification and you want to head to the British Virgin Islands for a bareboat charter, how are you going to fill your itinerary? We have a few ideas of things to do in the British Virgin Islands on your sailing vacation.

Planning a Sailing Vacation

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There comes a moment when you are sprawled out on a beautiful beach and you look out at the ocean and see a sailboat and you wish you had opted for some time on the water. That doesn’t happen to you? Ok, we’re actually talking to those of you who see the sailboat and want to go sailing. Why not learn to sail while on vacation? Taking a sailing vacation is as easy as planning any other type of getaway except that you’ll learn to sail while on holiday and you’ll earn a few ASA Sailing certifications while on vacation.We …