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Tips From The Text “Tides and Currents”

Sailing Tips Come From Bareboat Cruising Made Easy, the Official Manual for the ASA Bareboat Cruising Course. (ASA 104)

Tides are the vertical movement of water caused by the gravitational fields of the sun and the moon acting on bodies of water. Tidal Currents are the result of water moving between high and low tides.

Depending on where you sail your experience with tides and currents will vary. Sailors in San Francisco Bay regularly sail with a fast-moving current that dictates even the most mundane of sail plans. Have you ever seen the tide in the Bay of Fundy?

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ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising – What You’ll Learn

We dropped the anchor in about 15 feet of crystal clear water. From the dolphin striker, I could see the anchor chain all the way to the hook in the white sand. Fish darted below the boat as if they were accustomed to getting fed by the new arrivals. The four of us, my family, stood on the trampoline of the 48-foot catamaran and took in the scenery. An isolated cove in the Caribbean and it was all ours. 

That was our first bareboat charter anchoring experience. It was life-changing. The dream trip to charter a boat and explore a few islands had commenced and this moment was exactly how we had all imagined it to be. Alone in paradise on a big sailboat with the confidence to safely sail to a new port every night.

That is what sailing does for you. That is what ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising can prepare you for.

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