Where To Sail This Summer

By: Sailing Fun

The American Sailing Association has announced that it will be leading 3 Exclusive Sailing Tours this summer. You must sign up today, April 1, 2019. All Sailing charters will be led by ASA founder and sailing expert Lenny Shabes aboard his exquisite 1971 Catalina 27.

Dinghy in a Shoe Box

By: Sailing Fun

According to a press release recently received at ASA, a Canadian boatbuilding company in Halifax — Barium Boatbuilding, Ltd. — has just announced the ultimate in portable dinghy design. Called the “Mighty-Mini” (they’re searching for a better name), the dinghy is shipped in a container roughly the side of a man’s shoebox.

April Fools

ASA 121, Viking Navigation

By: Learn To Sail

The American Sailing Association is pleased to announce the release of the newest ASA Certification – ASA 121, Viking Navigation. Designed to complement ASA’s Celestial Navigation 107 course, the new offering uses ever more rudimentary equipment.