The Sailing Season: Seattle As a Sailing Destination

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Why Sail in Seattle? Take a moment and breathe in the crisp air on Puget Sound. Feel the wind as it moves across the water and through your hair. Mount Baker in the distance Victoria to the north and the Pacific Ocean beyond a series of islands heading out west. For the lover of the outdoors, the Pacific Northwest is the ultimate playground of lush green forests and deep blue ocean that is alive with wildlife.

Go Sailing in Hawaii

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The first time you move across the channel between Maui and Molokai you are introduced to the tradewinds that blow over the West Maui Mountains. The sailboat heels over and you move across the channel with purpose. It’s a wet ride. Most visitors to Hawaii experience a taste of sailing on these waters via a sunset cruise with plenty of Mai Tais or a snorkel adventure where the goal is to spot a sea turtle. There is more to sailing in Hawaii than the typical tours you find at the concierge desk.

Why You Should Not Sail

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We tend to explain why you should sail on these pages but for once we will be pessimistic and let you in on some secrets about sailing.  This is why you should not sail.  We will actively attempt to discourage you from getting out on the water. We don’t want you to even consider allowing the wind to fill your sails.  Who needs vitamin E and sunshine? Not you!. The Top Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Sailing  Fun?  You can have just as much fun sitting on the couch.  While you are out sailing the wind will mess up …

The Sailing Season – Oahu, Circumnavigating The Island

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ASA Outstanding Instructor Greg Martin of Sail Hawaii is very familiar with the waters around the Hawaiian Islands and he regularly sails and teaches out of Oahu. Greg has contributed to a three-part story on sailing in Hawaii. Venturing further than Waikiki, a sailing adventure from Oahu might start with a short cruise to Keehi Lagoon. Downwind from Ala Wai, Keehi is home to La Mariana Sailing Club, the original Tiki Bar and an unofficial “dock and dine” stop with some of the best seafood dishes, local favorite rum punch, and live entertainment. After a fun night at La Mariana, …

#Saillocal: Have You Sailed Lake Erie?

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If you have never visited the Great Lakes region, do you really understand how large these lakes are? For a segment of the population that has no clue about the geography of the Great Lakes, they appear as a body of water somewhere between Canada and Chicago. That may sound like a generalization but until you get out on a boat in the Great Lakes it is hard to realize that multi-day charters are required if you want to see all of Lake Erie or Lake Michigan. There is a large, welcoming and active sailing community on Lake Erie. The …

Top 5 Reasons To Attend The United States Sailboat Show This Fall

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Fall is right around the corner and we all know that for Annapolis, October means boat shows. After a full-year hiatus, the United States Sailboat Show returns to City Dock October 14-18. Here are the top five reasons this show should be on your calendar.  Exhibitors Filling ego alley with boats and manufacturers from around the world, the United States Sailboat Show allows you to climb aboard sailboats on display in the water and on land. Catamarans, monohulls, family cruisers, daysailers, blue water sailboats, sailing dinghies – there is something for everyone. This in-water sailboat show is the largest in …

What Is Your Favorite Boat Music?

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If I want a guaranteed eye roll from my wife while sailing,  I can turn the volume up on the radio and play Sammy Hagar’s “Sailing” and sing at the top of my lungs.  It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy good sailing music I think she doesn’t enjoy how I practically leave my body and get lost in my thoughts when a great song is played while out on the water.  Okay, if I’m honest she might not enjoy my voice but when I am sailing I am going to sing! I should note that if I am singing along …

ASA at the Annapolis Boat Show

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The American Sailing Association (ASA) and the Manhattan yacht club have teamed up to bring Sailing Yacht Arabella to the Annapolis Sail Boat Show in October 2021.  Boat show attendees will have the opportunity to tour the 157-foot vessel that regularly tours New England, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Caribbean. A future trip aboard an ASA-sponsored charter on Arabella will be part of the Annapolis Sailboat Show’s door prizes. To be eligible to win, pre-purchase your show ticket or sign-up when you arrive. ASA Members will come aboard Arabella and learn about Member Benefits, upcoming ASA Certification Courses, and future …

Featured Sailing School: BlueWave-Tashoot Sailing Academy

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Sailing Israel does not always appear on the average sailor’s bucket list but with its proximity to popular sailing destinations and its rich history, Israel is a fantastic option for a different Mediterranean sailing adventure. ASA spoke with BlueWave-Tashoot Sailing Academy about sailing in Israel and the local sailing community.  Make room on your sailing bucket list because Israel is calling. This Month’s Featured School is BlueWave-Tashoot Sailing Academy  Where They Sail  BlueWave-Tashoot Sailing Academy home waters are the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Israel with our primary base in Herzliya Marina. Destinations include day sailing from the marina and passing …