What Is Your Role on a Boat?

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Your ASA sailing education will prepare you to be a skipper on a sailing vessel and with that comes the responsibility of keeping your crew safe and ensuring the safety of the vessel you are sailing.  You will also have a crew and responsibilities are spread among those on the boat with you. What type of sailor are you and what role do you take on the boat? The Roles on a Boat When on a charter sailing vacation your group will share responsibilities. While the skipper and mate will take the lead on running the boat, many important tasks …

Product Review: Vanguard Binoculars

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A couple of friends went sailing with me recently. They flew in from Texas and had never been to the Pacific Ocean. They had never been sailing. As the story has been told countless times now, I whispered into the wind and whales appeared.  There, along the port side of my 33-foot sailboat, were a couple of Pacific Grey Whales just as curious about us as we were about them. That day, I scanned the horizon looking for some impressive sight that I could impress my guest with and a couple of whales showed up and made my job easy. …

ASA Veterans Sailing Education Program

ASA’s Veteran Sailing Education Program

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ASA’s Veteran Sailing Education Program Continues Through 2022 In November of 2018, ASA launched its Veterans Sailing Education Program aimed at getting more veterans out on the water. Since then, ASA has donated over $22,000 to the Veterans Sailing cause and more than 120 schools have offered a discount to military members seeking a sailing education. Take a look at the participating sailing schools and find one for you. ASA would like to recognize the top schools in the Veterans Education Program: The Top Sailing Schools Were: Veterans Sailing Association Kadena Marina  Warrior Sailing  Navy Patuxent Sailing Club  Sailtime Virginia …


Need A Practice Quiz For ASA 101?

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How Will You Study For Your ASA Sailing Exam? How do you study for a test? Do you read the material over and over? Do you utilize flashcards? Maybe you glance over your notes?  I spent my college years studying in the local pub and I somehow managed to finish school in a field that I never fully utilized.  Was my technique the right way? Can you ever go wrong studying GeoChemisty with a pint in your hand? How will you study for your ASA 101 sailing exam? ASA has just created study quizzes that will help you sharpen your …

What Is In Your Sailing Bag?

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I bought the perfect sailing bag in Newport, Rhode Island. I didn’t need it but, it called me in the window.  A big number #3 stitched to the side of the bag made out of an old sail.  It’s ample in size and could fit so many cool things. It made me think about the importance of having the right “stuff” with you for a daysail. What you take with you for a day of sailing is vital to you having a good time.    An excellent sweater to keep warm and a bottle of champagne for a post sail drink. …

So, You Need Wind to Sail?

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A sailor’s world revolves around the wind and staying aware of the wind’s direction is crucial. When you are just beginning to sail-you may feel so inundated with all of the new information that it’s easy to lose track of the wind direction. If that happens, just relax, take a deep breath and feel the wind on your face and skin. Your ability to accurately sense changes in the wind, its speed and its direction will improve as you learn. This is an important transition that will occur as you become a sailor. Points of Sail No sailboat can sail …

Operating a Dinghy Safely and Responsibly

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Dinghies are an integral part of sailing for the charter customer or for the cruiser who hopes to step onto shore once they reach their desired destination. However, do you know the rules and the etiquette that are the best practices with regards to dinghy use? Those sailors who have earned ASA 103 and ASA 104 certifications have learned about best practices when utilizing dinghies but it is always a good idea to brush up on what you should and should not do when operating a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RIB) or a dinghy.  Before Your Charter Begins: Inspect your dinghy. …

Need a Sailing School?

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Where do you sail? Where do you want to sail?  The American Sailing Association has sailing schools in locations around the world so you will always be able to find one near you. All you have to do is schedule a date and start working on your sailing education.  Take a look at a few of our featured schools in locations near and far. Sailing in Greece With Fair Winds Sailing Explore Corfu with Fair Winds Sailing in Greece. Corfu island is considered oone of the finest destinations in the Mediterranean The town of Corfu has been characterized by the …

Sailing In San Diego

5 Reasons To Sail In San Diego

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You want to learn to sail so why not pick a convenient destination to take your sailing courses? San Diego is the ideal location to visit because you can mix in your ocean adventures with some sightseeing and some cultural sites. Throw in a visit to a wild animal park and sample some craft beers and you can easily see why a sailing vacation in Southern California’s other beach city is the spot to choose to work on your sailing education.