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Let’s Talk About Sextants!

Ah, the sextant… that odd magical contraption that sleeps in an aged wooden box and stored in a seldom-used locker. Every once in a while you break it out and it’s glorious to behold – there’s poetry in its very existence. You look at the curves and the shiny mirrors, then you spin the dials – they feel substantial and real. You gaze at the increment markers and numbers and hold it in your hand just as Captain Cook’s navigator did with something oh so similar. As you feel the weight of this incredible innovative invention you mutter, “I wish … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sextants!

Diversity In Sailing

Diversity in Sailing – Where Is It?

Ayme Sinclair is just an ordinary sailor, but at the same time she is anything but. Like many of us, she races with her team on Wednesday nights, then heads back to the club to have a couple of cocktails and some laughs. Some nights they do pretty well, some nights just okay, but it’s always a good time. The most distinct difference between Ayme’s team and the rest of the fleet is her crew is made up of sailors of different races and genders while most of the fleet is not. There is no animosity, there’s no bigotry, but … Continue reading Diversity in Sailing – Where Is It?

North Sails Factory Tour

North Sails Factory Tour

Sailmaking is an ever-changing, constantly developing and always interesting element of sailing so we like to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. North Sails is consistently on the cutting edge of sailmaking innovation and their 3 di sails are a shining example. ASA visited the loft in Minen Nevada where they produce sails that we see on the Volvo Ocean Race, the America’s Cup and nearly every other high profile race. For a sailors, it’s the most fascinating experience you’ll ever have in a desert! Enjoy the tour!

Golden Globe Race

Bringin’ Back Tough – The Golden Globe Race is a Solo Round the World Race for Sailors Like Us

These days, when you think about round the world races, images of high tech surfboard-like carbon fiber boats with enormous black sails sailing downwind at 21-knots come to mind. There’s a square-jawed professional sailor at the helm, staring up the tall mast at a sail that bears the name of a company we all know. These wonders of technology are walking that tightrope of overall weight and durability. The skipper measures the weight of the hands on his watch and prays that carbon mast is as strong as they say.  It’s truly fun to watch and follow but is it … Continue reading Bringin’ Back Tough – The Golden Globe Race is a Solo Round the World Race for Sailors Like Us