ASA Affiliate Blue Pacific Yachting Deals with Coronavirus

By: Safety, Schools

As we merge from the pandemic crisis Sailing schools across the country and around the world have had to adapt to a changing landscape. One example of how all of this is being handled calmly and effectively is at Blue Pacific Yachting, an affiliate company of Denison Yachting, owned by Robert Denison and Nereus Dastur, in Marina del Rey, CA. At this ASA Affiliate school, General Manager Mollie Perlman has prepared an inventory of facial coverings, both N95 masks and cloth scarves, brightly-colored Nitrile synthetic rubber gloves which have a higher puncture resistance than latex or vinyl, an assortment of …

Learning To Sail: A Navy Son and His Army Veteran Father

By: Learn To Sail

Learning To Sail With Veteran Sailing Association in Tavernier, Florida The ASA Veterans Sailing Education Program is in its third month of operation and several stories about the program have arrived at ASA from veterans and ASA Affiliates.   US Navy man Galen Gambino and his Army veteran father, Robert Gambino, both of Atlanta, GA, flew into Miami International, rented a car and drove down to Veteran Sailing Association, an ASA Affiliate in Tavernier, FL, to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s with the owner, former Navy SEAL and ASA Certified Instructor, Captain Joseph “CJ” Mastrangelo. “CJ” offers a …

Interesting Things at the Top of World

By: Learn To Sail

In 2018, the Earth’s Magnetic North Pole – a wandering location where lines of magnetic force enter the Earth perpendicularly – is predicted by computer modeling of satellite data to pass closer to the Geographic North Pole than at any other time in its recorded history after English philosopher William Gilbert first calculated its existence in 1590 (published in 1600). The reason we, as mariners and navigators, are interested in this is because of magnetic variation and its effect upon our ship’s compass – the difference in degrees between what our compass “feels” as Magnetic North versus True North.