ASA 101 Learning to Sail with Lauren

Sailing in the Clouds with Santa Barbara Sailing

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Join Lauren on her adventure as she embarks on a journey to learn to sail with Santa Barbara Sailing. Follow her as she gets her feet wet as a beginner, gains experience, and earns her ASA certifications. The ultimate goal is to complete ASA 104 and go bareboat chartering somewhere exotic. ASA 101, Part 3 – Sailing in the Clouds You’d expect the second day of a three-day sailing course to be the least memorable: you’re not in the excitement of the beginning, nor are you feeling the adrenaline of the solo sail ending. But in a world that relies …

Learn to sail with Lauren

Getting My Feet Wet

By: Learn To Sail

In just fifteen short hours, my days of watching from the shorelines are over. This is the year I trade in my bystander hat for a flashy pair of partaker shades. Step number one: become a legit, ASA-certified, bonafide sailor.