Three Essential Sailing Knots

How to Tie 3 Important Sailing Knots

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There are as many sailing knots as there are stars in the night sky — or so it seems. But the reality is that most sailors can get along with only knowing a few, as long as they’re the right ones. In this blog I’ll single out three very important sailing knots, explaining what they’re used for and how to tie them. Don’t forget, it’s necessary to practice these in order to get them down. Your fingers need the tactile learning experience in order to develop muscle memory that will allow you to tie them quickly when you need to! …

Understanding a Lee Shore

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Captain Cam Seamus from Harbor Sailboats in San Diego California shares a few tips about handling and understanding a Lee Shore. Understanding a lee shore, the possible consequences, and how to avoid them is a necessity for anyone, anywhere, who is behind the helm of a boat. It’s an important and yet often overlooked concept. In fact, as I started compiling my resources for research on this article, I was stunned that several well-known authoritative works on seamanship and sailing failed to include any information or even definition of a lee shore. The ASA covers the concept briefly in Coastal Cruising Made …

ocean plastic can

Can Overboard!

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Scenario: You crack open a cold one after a long day of sailing. Your buddy Jim finishes his first beer (rather quickly) and tosses the can overboard. When prodded about the environment, he confidently responds, “It’s just metal- it will break down naturally.” A debate starts, and you want it to stop so you can enjoy the sunset and your beverage in peace. Does Jim have a point? A Brief Beer History Lesson Back in the 1930s when designers were tinkering with how to can beer, they kept encountering a problem: the beer reacted quickly with metal, causing an unpleasant …

plastic free food

Plastic-Free Provisioning

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Over the years American Sailing has promoted our Plastic Pollution Purge campaign. We have asked our fellow sailors to “bring back more plastic than you take to your boat”, and to have fun practicing your crew overboard drills as you recover trash on the water. But to break the vicious cycle of plastic pollution in the water we must prevent it from getting to the ocean in the first place. Most of the plastic waste we create in our day-to-day lives comes from the way we eat and drink. Since we usually do this 3 times daily, it’s a great …

BVI’s Legendary North Sound Rises Again

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By Bob Curley Writer, Editor and Sailor, Bob Curley, is a Rhode Island Expert who contributes to American Sailing on sailing New England and the Caribbean. When Hurricane Irma scored a direct hit on the British Virgin Islands in September 2017, it’s no exaggeration to say that the results were apocalyptic. Making landfall as a Category 5 hurricane, the eye of the storm passed directly over the islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke. When the skies finally cleared, every piece of tropical greenery had been stripped from the landscape, more than 4,000 houses were damaged or destroyed, …