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Plastic Pollution Purge

Operation “Plastic Pollution Purge”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Operation “Plastic Pollution Purge” – Local Sailing Community Starts New Crusade to Clean Our Waterways

LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2018 – Plastic pollution is choking our oceans, trickling into our local rivers, lakes and streams, poisoning wildlife — and all of us. The United Nations estimates that by the year 2050, we will have more plastic debris in our oceans than fish. The restaurant industry and the European Union is fighting back by starting to ban plastic straws. And now the sailing industry is joining in the fight.

To help clean up our waterways, the American Sailing Association, the world’s largest sailing organization and America’s sail education authority, announces a new crusade called Operation “Plastic Pollution Purge.” Just in time for the annual June 21st Summer Sailstice, the global celebration of the longest sailing day of the year, boaters in our area and throughout the nation will join forces in this new initiative to clean up trash from our waterways.

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Meridian X

Gone In An Instant

A man overboard incident at the 2017 Chicago Race to Mackinac teaches important boat safety lessons. by Ken Quant (originally published in May 2018 issue of Lakeland Boating Magazine)

Falling overboard at night is every sailor’s worst nightmare. This exact scenario played out last July during Chicago Yacht Club’s annual Race to Mackinac. In just moments, visiting Chesapeake Bay boat Meridian X went from racing to emergency recovery efforts as their crewman, Mark Wheeler, was thrown overboard into the cold, choppy blackness of Lake Michigan. Amazingly, he was recovered about an hour later, but his near-death story highlights many good lessons for boaters of all kinds.

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What Is It Quiz

What Is It Quiz

“What is it?” we ask. Here is a seven question quiz that will expose you as the genius everyone knows you are or the not-so genius everyone has accepted you as…Either way, have fun!

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Summer Sailstice

Summer Sailstice – Let’s All Go Sailing Together on June 23rd.

Every year the Summer Sailstice gets a bit more popular and a lot more fun. For the uninitiated this event… well, it’s not really an event, it’s a weekend designated for doing sailing related things, wherever you happen to be. On the weekend of June 23 and 24 many sailing schools, yacht clubs, sailing organizations and all kinds of other small groups who love sailing will be either organizing a Summer Sailstice event or participating in one.

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500k Certified Sailors

More People Introduced to the Sailing Lifestyle by ASA Than Any Other Boating Organization Worldwide

Number of sailors certified by American Sailing Association surpasses 500,000

LOS ANGELES – April 18, 2018 – The American Sailing Association (ASA), America’s premiere sail education authority, announced today that it recently exceeded the major milestone of certifying half a million sailors. Since the Association was first founded in 1983, its affiliated schools and instructors have taught and certified over 507,000 people to ASA’s 101 Keelboat Sailing standard. Since many ASA members have moved on to receive their ASA 103 and 104 certifications, the organization has issued more than one million certifications over the past 35 years.

None of this could have happened without our very fine association of sailing professionals, organizations and businesses centered around our progressive educational system,” said Lenny Shabes, ASA’s Chairman of the Board. “United in promoting safety on the water and stimulating the sport of sailing everywhere, ASA has emerged as the clear global leader in sailing education.

ASA credits much of its growth to its focus on building a solid base of over 350 affiliated sailing schools, which together employ nearly 2,000 certified instructors. “Our schools are key drivers of issuing more ASA certifications because they are located on the front lines of student acquisition,” said Charlie Nobles, executive director of ASA. “By illustrating that sailing is fun, exciting, safe, easy to learn and surprisingly affordable, our schools will remain at the core of our business strategy.”

In addition to leveraging its affiliates, ASA continues to attract new people to the sport via new sailing programs, such as a resort program designed to introduce entire families to sailing, innovative partnerships and sponsorships, cutting-edge mobile apps (for instruction, play and networking with other sailors or captains) and more.

Going over the 500,000 certified sailors mark is also good news for the sailing industry,” said Shabes. “More sailors on the water signals an increased demand for boats, sailing apparel, sailing gear, and other marine-related products and services.

About the American Sailing Association
The American Sailing Association (ASA) has been the leader in U.S. sailing education for 35 years. The Association has grown to include an international network of more than 350 professionally accredited sailing schools. More than one million certifications have been awarded to over 507,000 people who have been introduced to sailing through ASA schools, clubs and programs since 1983. For more information, visit

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Ken Brown and ASA in China

Meet Ken Brown, ASA’s Man in China

Ken BrownPlease meet Ken Brown of Saint Petersburg, Florida. He is ASA’s man in China. The first thing I have to tell you about Ken is that he holds nearly every 200-level certification that ASA offers, including ones that I did not know existed like the 2000-level powerboat certifications. This means that Ken is also an ASA IE Instructor Evaluator and ASA FE Facility Evaluator. In total, he has two dozen ASA certifications. When taking into account that 200/2000-level instructors implicitly also hold their 100/1000-level counterparts, Ken’s total ASA certification count jumps over forty. Ken is also a 500-Ton USCG Master Any Waters and a 3000-Ton International.

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